Tuesday, May 4, 2010

X-men First Class May Have Their Director

Brace yourselves because some X-men movie news has emerged. This is always a mixed bag for fans still agonizing over the pain that was X3 and the disappointment of Wolverine Origins. Images of Barakapool have still haunted the dreams of too many fanboys. But you can't blame Marvel studios and Fox for a lack of determination. They don't quit even after they've been kicked in the balls, publicly crucified, and disemboweled by anyone who knows the first thing about X-men.

Earlier, it was reported that X-men First Class was going to be directed by Bryan Singer, who first brought the X-men to life in a way that made fans giddy like crack heads on a bender in Vegas. Turned out that was too good to be true and the hangover set in. Singer is set up to do another movie so he's going to limit his role to that of a producer. That's okay to a point. It's like the love of your life saying she won't come back to you, but still give you a handjob to leave her mark. Now reports are that First Class is about to get a new director in Matthew Vaughn.

Entertainment Weekly: Kick-Ass director in negotiations with X-men First Class

This isn't one of those searches that is coming out of nowhere. It's not the Brett Ratner (aka Joel Shoemockers bastard offspring), but this is someone who does have some comic street cred. Matthew Vaughn is fresh off his comic debut with Kick-Ass. He brought to life Mark Millers famous story in a way that did well with fans and critics. It scored a 76 on the Tomatometer at Rotten Tomatoes even thought it did not gross $50 million dollars. That's to be expected from an R-rated movie, which X-men First Class certainly won't be.

So if he's the guy, what does this mean? Will X-men First Class have more than a snowball's chance in the center of the sun? There is always a ray of hope. There's also always a cloud of doubt. Vaughn would already be diving into a river of shit with two disappointing movies having already plagued the franchise. Expectations will be cynical at best. It may lower the bar a little as many X-men fans may just settle for a movie that doesn't suck elephant balls. It will also put Vaughn's vision under a microscope in ways that Big Brother would find intrusive.

Even if he does succeed, there still remains one daunting problem that Spielberg and Hitchcock themselves can't get around. X-men First Class is a prequel. That means no matter what happens in this movie or how good it is, it will inevitably walk the path of outright shit stain because it will eventually turn into X3. It's not like the first three Star Wars movies where the trilogy had been nicely wrapped up in Return of the Jedi. It's more like the Godfather trilogy where the third movie pained fans in ways they're still recovering from. Unless First Class is a total reboot, it will reek of the stench of X3 and the awesome will be forever hindered.

That being said, Vaughn can still make some magic. He'll have to because Fox has to keep making X-men movies or they'll lose the license to Disney. They want that about as much as they want a rectal tumor. Only time will tell, but until the X-men movie franchise reboots and escapes the stench of X3 it will never live up to its full potential. It will still leave fans everywhere cursing "Damn you Brett Ratner! Damn you to hell for robbing us of such awesome!" Exorcising this demon will happen sooner or later as it did with Batman. But given the track record of the X-men movies lately, it better be sooner.

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