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X-men Supreme Special: Revelation X - Announcement and PREVIEW

X-men Supreme Volume 3 is on the horizon, but before we venture into the next stage of this fanfiction series I have something very special to announce. I've mentioned it a few times already, but now I'm ready to make it official. Today, I officially announce X-men Supreme Issue 0: Revelation X. Think of it as the X-men Supreme equivilent to an X-men Annual that Marvel puts out or a Giant Sized X-men. It's an extra large one-shot story that takes place before X-men Supreme Volume 1: Mutant Revolution. It tells an important story in the mythos of X-men Supreme. I touched on it only briefly in certain issues of Volume 1 and Volume 2. Now that story is being told in all it's glory.

I got the idea for this one-shot while writing Issue 31: Memory Musings. In that issue, Thunderbird told the story about the early days of the X-men. They didn't always operate as they did after Issue 1. For a time, the X-men were a group of masked vigilantees that used their powers to fight crime and assist in disaster relief. This was before mutant affairs became so complicated with the events in X-men Supreme Volumes 1 and 2. But then something changed. The X-men had to unmask and show the world who they were. It was an important moment in the history of X-men Supreme and it's an important story to tell. So a week from today, I will tell it in a giant sized issue that I hope X-men fans will enjoy. Here's a brief preview of what you can expect.




The heartfelt cries of many continued to echo throughout the area. In wake of such a powerful earthquake, there were still many that needed to be saved. Buildings had collapsed, roads had been torn asunder, and fires had broken out in at least twenty different locations. Rescue workers, emergency personnel, and police were in full crisis mode. Yet still, there were many they could not get to. Time was running out for some people. They needed help and they needed it soon.

That’s where the X-men came in. Having just arrived via the X-jet, the masked mutant vigilantes were already hard at work doing what they did best. Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Angel, and Iceman thrust themselves into the thick of the crisis, helping out at ground zero where the city had been hardest hit. An entire office building had collapsed during the middle of the day, leaving plenty of people inside begging for help. Since the emergency crews had yet to make it through the rubble, it was up to the X-men to save these people.

In the skies above the debris the X-jet had descended over the area. From the rear hatch, the masked mutant team prepared to embark on their mission. Given the scale of destruction this earthquake had wrought, they had their work cut out for them.

“We’ve got a lot of scared people in that maze of debris, X-men!” proclaimed Cyclops, the always focused leader of the team.

“About three dozen if my telepathy is right,” said Marvel Girl, the team’s powerful psychic.

“About three dozen? You can read my mind when I swipe some of your ice cream, but can’t give us an exact number?” said Angel, the X-men’s winged ally.

“If you know how to sift through a few thousand panicked thoughts and work out an exact figure, I would love to hear it!”

“Do yourself a favor, guys! Leave the math stuff to the Iceman! Three dozen is still plenty to work with!” said Iceman, the member of the team who was always coolest under pressure.

“On top of that we have time working against us as always so let’s get to work!” said Cyclops assertively, “Iceman, you take care of the fires! Angel, try and fly as many people out to the paramedics as possible! Marvel Girl, help me with the heavy lifting! You’re also our tracking guide so keep our minds linked so we know where the survivors are!”

 “I’ve already zeroed in on the people most in need, Cyclops! It’s not the worst disaster we’ve seen so we should be done in time for movie night!” she replied confidently.

Without fear or hesitation, the X-men began their ambitious rescue plan. Marvel Girl used her telekinesis to fly Cyclops from the rear of the jet down towards the chaotic scene below. Angel flew in close behind with his wings to guide him and Iceman forged his own path by forming an ice slide with his powers. Smoke from the rubble continued pouring into the air and the desperate cries of survivors grew more desperate. From the outer edges of the destruction, emergency workers and onlookers watched their arrival.

“Look! It’s the X-men! They can save my daddy!” cried a little boy.

“Oh great, the circus is in town and think they’re firefighters,” said an old man dryly.

“I don’t care if they’re full-fledged clowns! If they can help we’ll take it!” said a tired and overworked paramedic.

Hope seemed to finally arrive for those still trapped in the rubble. Many had fought their way to the surface, taking refuge in whatever gaps in the debris they could find. From there they waved their hands, trying to signal anyone they could to help them out of this nightmare. Angel was the first to answer the call. He flew at high speeds through smoke and dust, swooping in and picking up anybody he could. The first two he recovered were a young girl and her unconscious mother.

“An angel!” cried the little girl.

“Not quite, but close enough I guess,” grinned Angel.

“Have…have you come to help mommy?”

“I have. And don’t you worry. Your mommy will be okay,” he assured her, “I’ve got wings so you know you can trust me.”

The little girl smiled despite blood and dust covering her face. Angel smiled back as he cleared some of the debris and took them both his is arms. Once he took to the air, Iceman came in behind him and used his ice beams to put out the fires. While his winged friend took the girl and her mother to the nearest paramedic, he moved onto other larger fires. With these blazes out, their rescue efforts would be a lot smoother.

“Ha! Does the NYPD need me or what?” proclaimed Iceman upon squelching one of the largest fires in the area.

“Hey! Over here! Please get me out!” cried a young man not far from the area.

Iceman turned to his left to see the man trapped under a smoldering pile of concrete. He looked to be in a lot of pain and half his body was burned. Even though he was supposed to be on fire detail, saving lives always took priority with the X-men.

“Guess the NYPD will have to wait,” he said, “Hold on, buddy! The Iceman will save you!”

“Thank you! I…I think my leg is broken! I can’t…”

“Don’t try to move! I’ll have you outta there in no time!”

The young mutant went onto use his powers in a more creative way. Cracking his knuckles, he shot a beam over some of the debris near the man to clear some of the fires. Then from that beam he formed a thick column of ice that he could use as a winch to lift the pile. With help from a few reinforcing columns, he kept the heavy debris lifted so he could get the man out. He was even more badly burnt than he suspected. It was not a pleasant sight, but Iceman had seen far worse. Shortly after Iceman had the man clear of his confines, Angel came flying in.

“Hey! I thought Cyclops gave me the role of heavenly savior!” he said upon landing.

“What? You think that just because you have wings you have a monopoly on being angelic?” retorted Iceman.

“Does it look like I mind the competition?” said Angel with a grin, “Hand him over and I’ll get him to the burn unit on site! Try and get as many people as you can out of the rubble! We’ll kill two birds with one stone!”

“Coming from you, that euphemism is way out of place!”

The two X-men seamlessly coordinated their efforts. Angel took the man while Iceman went back to fighting the fires and pulling out survivors. It didn’t take long for the rescues to come like clockwork. As soon as Iceman had someone else free from the debris, Angel came flying in to take them to the paramedics. It was the kind of teamwork that had been refined through years of training and it proved instrumental for many grateful people.

“Oh thank you! Thank you for saving my son!” cried a tearful mother as Angel landed with a dazed little boy in his arms.

“I never get tired of hearing that,” sighed Angel with a wide grin.

I'm very excited about this. I hope everyone else who has been following the X-men Supreme fanfiction series enjoys it as well. In addition, I've been trying to add more material to the X-men Supreme website. I updated the links section recently. For a while now I've been posting some extra one-shots on I could have posted them on my website, but if I post certain material on this website then the content may be too explicit for the readers. So I'm keeping it on Please check out the link and you'll see what I mean.

Thanks again to everybody who has been kind enough to support this fanfiction series. There's so much more I want ot do and X-men Supreme Issue 0: Revelation X is just part of that vision. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me any time. Until then, take care and best wishes! Excelsior!


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