Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Superman/Wonder Woman Valentine's Day Special: The Intimacy Pod

Happy Valentine's Day everybody! Or, as single people call it, Happy Loneliness-Reminder Day! Whatever you call it, it's a day where we celebrate everything involving love. Some see it as an excuse to guilt partners into buying them some overpriced gift. Some see it as an opportunity to get an extra blowjob. There are any number of ways to celebrate it. Since I consider myself a romantic at heart (albeit a drunk one) I've decided to join the celebration.

For me, that means posting another one of my sexy side-projects. I've done more than my share, including a few for Superman and Wonder Woman. And since Marvel has effectively pissed all over every established and iconic romance they've ever created, DC has been able to provide much more inspiration in terms of romance. Right now, Superman/Wonder Woman definitely provide the most.

Nuff said!
This particular sexy side-project takes place in conjunction with the Superman/Wonder Woman series. Specifically, it takes place shortly after the first arc involving Zod. It was one of the high points for the relationship. This story just makes it extra passionate and extra sexy in the most blatant, unapologetic way possible. This isn't just polished smut. I tried to emphasize the romantic elements here. So for those of you who actually enjoy Valentine's Day, you should enjoy this.

I have other side-projects in the works. Nothing to announce or tease right now, but assume I've got a dirty yet romantic mind that's still humming along. If anyone has any sexy suggestions, feel free to shoot me a message. I'm always happy to chat. Until then, Happy Valentine's Day!

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