Friday, January 8, 2010

Issue 2: Enter the Wolverine Preview

It's that time again! Every Friday Marvel comes out with new previews for upcoming comics. As such, it's only fair I do the same. Coming out in one week on January 15th is Issue 2 of X-men Supreme. Titled "Enter the Wolverine" it should give Wolverine fans something to cheer about. Below is a preview of what you can expect.

The vast pine forest of the Canadian wilderness was an unforgiving terrain. Between the cold, the predators, and the rugged terrain only the hardiest of beings had any chance of survival. It was deep in this unforgiving environment that a lone figure rested motionlessly in the snow. He was short, burly, and heavily muscled. Wearing only a pair of tattered jeans, his body was very much exposed to the icy winds.

There were traces of battle scars all over his body. The smell of blood hung in the air around him. He looked as though he had just emerged from a brutal fight. By all accounts, he appeared dead. His unmoving figure soon attracted attention. A lone grizzly out looking for a meal caught his scent and began sniffing around the motionless body. Snarling hungrily, the beast tipped the body with it’s nose to see if it was alive. There was no response, indicating the creature was ripe for predation. Showing it’s sharp teeth, the grizzly prepared to dig into it’s latest catch.

Suddenly, the burly man’s eyes shot open and erupted into a feral rage.


Out of his knuckles, three metal claws popped out with the sound of a snikt. And before the grizzly could react the burly man viciously attacked the creature, plunging his claws deep into its neck. The grizzly tried to fight him off, but it was too late. Blood spewed forth from the animal’s veins as it howled out in agony. Soon, the body of the imposing predator lay dead and the feral figure stood covered in blood with a demeanor more animal than man.

Looking down at his claws, he was very confused.

‘What happened? Where am I? Who am I?’

These burning questions echoed in his twisted mind. He had only a fuzzy recollection of how he got here. He remembered a bloody fight, being knocked out cold, and waking up strapped to a gurney. From there it got really hazy. He remembered men in lab coats surrounding him, poking and prodding him with needles and chemicals. It was painful, evoking in him a burning rage that overwrote any semblance of humanity.

From there it went dark. The next thing he remembered was fighting his way out. Blurry visions of him breaking his restrains and attacking his enemies flashed before his eyes. He remembered tearing through dozens of armed guards and scientists. Their screams of yells still echoed through his mind. He had been operating on complete rage then. He couldn’t control himself. But something was different now.

Then suddenly, he looked down and his eyes fell upon a dog tag he had around his neck that bore a haunting name.

‘Logan…my name is, Logan.’

There you have it! There's plenty more to come so join me on January 15th as Wolverine joins X-men Supreme!


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