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X-men Supreme Issue #116: Weapon Plus Part 4 PREVIEW!

Some of the greatest X-men stories ever told are stories that are emotionally driven. Many of the X-men’s most defining moments have had a powerful emotional impact. The original Phoenix Saga by Chris Claremont is by far the most memorable and well-known. I’ve tried to capture those emotions in the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. I committed to those emotions while I was writing the X-men Supreme Phoenix Saga. While not every story can have that level of emotional depth, there is plenty of room for that kind of drama in this fanfiction series. And that’s exactly what I’ve tried to do with Weapon Plus.

The seeds of the emotions in this story were planted back during the Civilization No Longer Lost arc. While the rest of the X-men got caught up in the crisis on Nova Roma, Beast and Sage carried out their own personal mission to confront some shadows from Sage’s past as Tessa. It got very emotional at times. Sage admitted that as Tessa, she became intimate with Sebastian Shaw in order to further her own work. It led to an emotionally charged mission and one that set the stage for Weapon Plus. Now the X-men have to deal with a different kind of mission in stopping Fantomex. However, the emotions that Sage dealt with are still raw and now they may end up destroying her.

The Weapon Plus arc wasn’t just my way of introducing Fantomex to the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. I saw it as a natural progression from the story that began with Beast and Sage. Their emotions during Civilization No Longer Lost helped give this conflict weight. In the same way the Phoenix Saga emerged from the emotional struggles of Jean Grey, Fantomex is a product of Sage’s emotional journey. They’re inextricably linked in this fanfiction series. That means that the final issue of the Weapon Plus arc will solidify that link in the world of X-men Supreme.

Fantomex has already outsmarted the X-men. He tricked them into taking him to Genosha. He has Sage and Jubilee as prisoners. He’s also armed with a vast array of powers, fueled by the techno-organic material that Sage herself created. He’s already broken free from the whims of Weapon X, but he still seeks to be the ultimate living weapon. It’s going to be up to the X-men and a few unexpected allies to stop Fantomex. The final battle is coming and the emotional stakes are going to be high. The world of X-men Supreme is about to take another turn and it’ll have a major impact on a few key characters. As always, I’ve prepared a preview of the final showdown between the X-men and Fantomex.

“Hnn…Henry?” groaned Sage as she emerged from unconsciousness.

“No, dear creator. Not Henry,” said an oddly toned voice.

Sage opened her eyes to find herself in a place she had only seen on a computer screen. It was the World, the culmination of the ambitious research she conducted in another life. In the time between when she passed out and when she awoke, Fantomex turned it from a concept to an actual structure.

She was under the center of a massive dome. The entire surface along the outer wall was brightly lit with advanced circuits. They were very complex, having integrated the alien technology of Warlock into its surface. Within this array were rows of pod-like compartments. They were all about the size of a refrigerator and most of the components fed into these pods. Within them, Sage could see figures standing in suspended animation. They were duplicates of Fantomex, minus the wounds and disfigurement. There were hundreds if not thousands of them. It was a horrific display, but it was only the second most vital part of the World.

Sage then noticed she was standing right in the heart of this perverse creation. Fantomex propped her up in a web-like set of restraints. From the smooth white floor, a series of cables and wires shot up and trapped her so that she hung a few feet off the floor. These cables fed into an array of box-shaped pods that encircled the central area. They were like massive server farms and every one of them was linked to her. Fantomex seemed proud of what he had done, standing before her like a child trying to impress a parent.

“Does my work please you, Tessa?” he asked her, “The World has finally taken form and substance. I based the design off your plans for the Mark III. As you can see, I’ve made a few adjustments. I had to scale it up in order to accommodate additional hardware.”

“The pods…you’re cloning yourself?” said Sage.

“Cloning is such a messy and slow process. The duplicates you see come courtesy of one Jamie Madrox. I sampled his abilities for a reason. His mutant powers will be what allow me to complete my mission.”

“Whatever this mission is, I want no part of it,” she said strongly, “I don’t know if it’s you or EVA who has malfunctioned, but this is madness!”

“No…not madness, my creator. This is what’s necessary.”

He sounded like a cross between a madman and a glitchy computer program. Fantomex was oblivious to any sense of order that had been programmed into him. Neither she nor Weapon Plus had any control over this perverse mission.

“Fantomex…EVA…something has happened to you. I can fix it if you let me!” urged Sage, trying to reason with her creation.

“There’s nothing to fix. I’ve calculated every possible scenario. I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that this will accomplish my mission,” Fantomex proclaimed, “I am a product of your ambitions, Tessa. You saw through the prejudices of humans and mutants alike. You understood that the only way to forge order from this chaos was through knowledge. That’s what the World is about…knowledge.”

“After what you did in District X, I don’t find you very knowledgeable,” she replied.

“All knowledge comes at a price. You already understand that better than most. You programmed me to understand that as well. Humans and mutants fear one another because they don’t understand one another. Knowledge is the key to overcoming that fear. To gain that knowledge, every human and every mutant must be processed.”

“By processed I take it you mean by force?”

“If that is what is necessary for the mission, then so be it. That is why I have created my army of duplicates. They will go out into the world, sampling the blood of humans and mutants alike. Once we have this information, the World will compile it into a single database. With such knowledge, we’ll be able to contain the traits that are calculated to be too destructive.”

“And how do you plan on weeding them out? By killing them?” surmised Sage.

“I am a weapon. Containment is an unfortunate part of the process. Rest assured, it will be guided by logic. As I absorb the information on every human and mutant, I shall leave a trace of my techno-organic blood within them. This way, EVA won’t just be able to monitor every man, woman, and child. She’ll be able to share with them this vast wealth of knowledge. Think of it as a network of enlightenment, uniting them under one mission…our mission!”

“On paper, that might be logical. But in practice, it’s insane,” she retorted, “I once believed in the power of cold logic. The problem is it leaves little room for choice and compassion. Those feelings can’t be processed. They can’t be controlled. EVA was supposed to understand that. That’s how I know you’re flawed. If this is what EVA calculated, then I know this mission is a perversion of my work.”

Fantomex stood before Tessa with a hardened demeanor. He was truly hurt. This woman was his creator. She more than anyone should have appreciated what he was doing. Yet she refused to embrace the grandeur of what he created. Dismayed or not, his mission was too vital to leave unfinished.

“Clearly, you’ve been deluded, my dear creator,” he said flatly, “No matter. That’s why I have arranged to make you the heart and soul of the World. Once the main systems are up and running, every bit of information that governs this complex will go through you.”

“I would rather die than be your personal flash drive,” scolded Sage.

“Your mind is a computer. Like any computer, it requires an upgrade. As soon as the World comes online, EVA will work all those little bugs out of your system. To make sure you remain cooperative, I’ve also made sure to add extra incentive.”

Fantomex turned to his right and gestured towards one of the box-shaped structures. The structure then structure turned around to reveal a ghastly sight. It was Jubilee. The young woman had been bound and restrained by a series of cables that resembled a spider-web. And unlike the ones restraining her, Jubilee also had a few running into her body that were filled with grayish fluid.

“Jubilee…” Sage gasped.

“I apologize for this ghastly setup. However, I calculated that you would not cooperate unless given an incentive. Miss Lee here shall fill that role. Should you resist, I will inject her with a dose of techno-organic material that will dissolve her internal organs.”

I admit this has been an unusual challenge. I am not all that fond of Fantomex in the comics. He’s not exactly the most likable character and he doesn’t inspire the same fanbase as Wolverine. But I still want to make him a strong, appealing character in the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. One of my goals with X-men Supreme is to give every character a certain level of care and development. And there are so many more characters to explore. Fantomex is just the latest. As I prepare to complete his first story in X-men Supreme, it’s very important that people take the time to provide feedback. I want to make sure my version of Fantomex and every other X-men character is as awesome as possible. So please take the time to provide feedback. Either contact me directly or post it in each issue. I’m always happy to chat. Until next time, take care and best wishes. Excelsior!


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Frenemies In Need: All-New X-men #37 PREVIEW!

I know I give my old teachers a lot of crap on this blog. To be fair, many of them earned it. I'm convinced that some of them only taught for the health benefits and the summer vacations. It showed on my test scores and the collective misery of my fellow peers. That said, I did know my share of awesome teachers. Some of these teachers might as well have had mutant powers for their ability to get through the thick heads of teenagers overdosing on hormones, Ritalin, and weed. A quality teacher can go a long ways for a fucked up teen. That's exactly why Emma Frost is the perfect teacher for O5 Jean Grey.

Emma Frost's teaching ability is one of her more underrated skills. Let's face it, those skills are easy to miss. Between looking awesome in skin-tight outfits and having a rack that could give Galactus pause, she's a woman whose skills often get overshadowed by her other features. And she fucking knows that. That's part of what makes her teaching skills all the more impressive. She already demonstrated those skills recently with Benjamin Deeds in Uncanny X-men #14. Now she has to use those skills on O5 Jean Grey. In terms of being a fucked teenager, O5 Jean Grey is a perfect storm of teen angst. Put her in any rerun of Dawson's Creek and she'd fit right in.

What makes it all the more fitting is that Jean Grey should be the last person Emma Frost would want to help. But back in All-New X-men #30, the two rivals seemed to have a breakthrough. They somehow found a way to not want to strangle each other in ways that would horrify and arouse men like me. It's not like all was forgiven, but it showed that these two were capable of working together again.

I'm still disturbed and aroused by this.
It's taken an obscenely long, obscenely drawn out arc in Uncanny X-men, as well as an equally obscene crossover with the shit storm that is Ultimate Marvel, but Emma Frost and O5 Jean Grey finally have another chance to work together again. Emma Frost has taken it upon herself to teach this teenage girl who will one day be the woman she hates. Maybe it's the challenge or maybe it's because she can have a lot of fun with this, but she's willing to take it on. Perhaps this would be a good time for everyone to pray for Jean Grey's fragile soul because CBR's preview for this issue ensures O5 Jean is in for a rough lesson.

I'll say it again. Good teachers have superpowers unto themselves. They don't back down from the countless challenges posed by fucked up teenagers. Well Emma Frost has a big challenge here and she's willing to use Madripoor as a way to get her point across. Something about that just makes her more awesome and even more sexy. I still dread what this will mean for O5 Jean Grey. I doubt this will end with either of them having slumber parties that turn into lesbian orgies, but it should offer some interesting insight into both characters. If they can both get something out of it in the long run, then it just helps reinforce the power of good teachers. It also helps make teachers sexy as only Emma Frost can. Nuff said!

Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron - Trailer 3

At this point, I don't think I need to say jack shit about Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. It comes out on May 1st and that day is taking way too fucking long to get here. But Marvel released another trailer today. It revealed more juicy bits that should make fans everywhere squee. And I'm pretty sure Disney's accountants will be squeeing the most when all is said and done. Now sequels can be hit or miss. For every Dark Knight there are more Matrix Reloadeds. But that's not going to stop this movie from being the bigger than my dick at the Playboy Mansion. Enjoy!

Am I just really fucking high or was that the Soul Gem in Vision's head at the end? I'm just going to say I'm high and see for myself when the movie comes out. Nuff said!

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Scanned Thoughts: Princess Leia #1

I used to think that only women saw the appeal of princesses. I admit, it’s a sweet gig. They get to live in a big ass castle, spend a fuckton of money they never worked a day of their life to earn, and have an army of servants that will do anything short of gouging their own eyes out for shits and giggles. But then I discovered the internet and Rule 34. I think it’s safe to say that men have a sweet spot for princesses in addition to some pretty fucked up tastes in porn. Men are just as capable of being allured by a rich, powerful woman and will channel their inner Anna Nichole Smith to get it. In that sense, Princess Leia is the ultimate princess for man-child-whores.

She’s got everything most princesses only wish they had. She’s sexy, tough, charismatic, and she doesn’t need to throw money at people to get them to listen to her. And instead of spending her money on Gucci purses and manicures, she spends her money refining her skills with a blaster. That and she looks great in a metal bikini. Can’t take that away from her. And now that Star Wars is owned by Disney, the mack daddy of fantasy princesses, it’s only natural that they would give Princess Leia her own series. And Princess Leia #1 makes a strong case that she fucking deserves it.

First, she shows that she knows how to be a princess in the classical sense. She can look all pretty and royal during a ceremony. And as it just so happens, she gets to do just that at the iconic ceremony where she awards Luke, Han, and Chewy with metals for their efforts to destroy the Death Star. It’s a nice touch because it helps pick things up directly where A New Hope left off, giving a sense of continuity that the Marvel movies have gotten us addicted to. She also gives a nice, but half-hearted speech about the destruction of Alderan. It’s not exactly a speech in the spirit of Winston Churchill, but it is a fitting job for a princess in terms of being an inspirational figure. In terms of being a princess, that’s something that will surely satisfy the Disney overlords.

Her lackluster speech doesn’t go unnoticed by the other rebels. They have a right to be a little concerned. She’s still the fucking princess now. Like it or not, she’s a figurehead. She’s supposed to inspire a rebellion that’s going against an Empire that has the resources to build giant planet-killing space stations. Some say she just needs time to mourn for the loss of her home world and that’s fair. But when they’re up against enemies like Darth Vader, whose idea of mourning probably involves Force choking a gungan, mourning is kind of a luxury.

She still takes the time to meet with Han, Chewy, and Luke. It makes for some nice moments that perfectly capture they chemistry they established over the course of A New Hope. And because this happens before numerous revelations, some might get a bit of an incest vibe from Luke and Leia. But that shit is best left to perverse minds that ensure Rule 34 has no exceptions. What makes this moment meaningful is that Luke points out how Leia tends to avoid leaning on others for support. That’s kind of how they ended up in a trash compactor on the Death Star. And if they want to end up in less trash compactors, then that might be something she should think about.

This leads to some more royal paper-pushing that’s barely as compelling as it sounds. Leia meets up with Admiral “It’s a Trap!” Ackbar in hopes of meeting with General Dodonna. Despite looking like a prop in a fish tank, he’s a real hardass. He just barely touches on the loss of Alderan, giving Leia the same attention as Homer Simpson gives his kids during a football game. It feels unnecessary and tedious, but it helps establish the kind of environment Leia has to work in. I just think there are much easier ways of showing how royal politics sucks.

She eventually does get to meet General Dodonna, who isn’t much more charismatic than Ackbar. He just looks like a bad cross between an Amish guy and Jor-El from Superman. He’s not as much a hardass, but he offers more proof that rebel politics still suck. Leia makes it clear that she wants to serve the rebellion as more than just a pretty figurehead who gives out metals. Dodonna takes it about as seriously as my high school guidance counselor when I told him I wanted to fly rockets and bang hot alien women. But unlike my guidance counselor, Dodonna offers a more valid reason aside from my rocket science skills being on par with my last algebra test.

Dodonna points out that because of her status, the Empire has a price on her head that would turn any drunk with an excessive bar tab into a bounty hunter. Like it or not, she’s still the face of the rebellion. It wouldn’t be good for anyone if that face ended up getting served on a platter with a side of Wookie’s leg in front of the Emperor. He even says that the Empire is hunting down surviving Alderanians to look for her. So if she has any plans to head out into the galaxy and piss off the Empire, she can forget it. This still isn’t the typical excuse that old men in Disney movies use to keep princesses in line, but it serves the same purpose.

Even if Dodonna’s reason is valid, Princess Leia doesn’t care for it. So she starts snooping around some of the other rebels, listening in on what they think of her as a figurehead. She probably heard more than a few remarks about how she looked sexier with her Cinnabon hair, but she eventually does come across something more valid.

One female rebel pilot, Evaan, was especially vocal about her lackluster speech. She quickly bites her tongue and clenches her asshole when Leia approaches, but she doesn’t ask for her head. She asks for an honest assessment and she fucking gets it. Evaan reveals that she was among the lucky Alderans who wasn’t there when the Death Star paid them a visit. She even reveals that she was mentored by Leia’s (adopted) mother. So she has an emotional stake in losing her planet as well and she get pissed when the so-called princess doesn’t react as strongly as she should.

She still shows some loyalty to Leia, but she’s not exactly lining up to kiss her royal boots. She wants what Leia wants. She wants to save what’s left of Alderan, but she’s not going to do that by just fucking mourning. Evaan’s point is entirely valid and Leia probably agrees with it. That said, I’m still not sure what to make of Evaan. She’s a pretty blonde rebel pilot, but not in the Emma Frost sort of way. She’s basically a copy of what Princess Leia already feels. She has some history, but not enough to make her interesting just yet.

But this story isn’t about Evaan or her opinion on ineffectual princesses. This is about Leia going from a princess who hands out shiny metals and kisses smugglers to a badass rebel fighter. She finally takes a big step when she leaves General Dodonna an elaborate message essentially telling him she understands his advice, but she thinks it’s full of shit. So in the form of another holographic message from R2, she doesn’t ask for help. She just tells him that she’s going to be a stubborn, hardass princess who actually fights for her people. She basically says she’s going to be the ruler that some people wish President Obama could be. Except Leia doesn’t have to deal with Congress so she’s got a leg up.

She ends up getting help from Evaan. While General Dodonna is shitting himself and/or jerking off to the idea of a princess being a badass rebel, they jump an X-wing and fly off Yavin. It’s a critical step and one that’s pretty momentous in the context of the Star Wars mythos. This is Leia going from the woman who needed rescuing to the woman who rescues others. It’s a big part of what made her even sexier in that metal bikini during Return of the Jedi and now that process has begun. Star Wars fans of all kinds should appreciate this moment.

The rest of the rebels aren’t quite as enthusiastic about it. General Dodonna sends a couple of other X-wings after her to reel her in. He even includes Luke and Wedge. That adds a little extra tension because if they were just random rebels, Princess Leia could just tell them to go fuck off. But these are two pilots whose last mission involved blowing up the Death Star. She can’t exactly challenge them to a space drag race or something, especially when Luke went through the trouble of rescuing her. I’m sure he doesn’t want to get stuck in a trash compactor with her again.

While the tension is nice, it’s not all that dramatic. There’s no heartfelt plea or anything. But there is a nice space dog-fight. There are no shots fired or anything so it’s not as flashy as the Death Star battle, but it isn’t intended to be. It’s pretty much the only major action in the story thus far, but it serves a purpose. I guess in a poetic sense, it can symbolize Leia running from her old duties as Princess to embrace her new duties as a rebel. I never cared much for poetry so I’ll just say it’s a glorified chase scene.

It takes a little tact and deception, but Leia does eventually manage to get the better of Luke and Wedge. Evaan is able to make the jump into hyperspace and they get away. So Luke and Wedge fail in their mission to retrieve her, but Luke isn’t all that upset about it. He probably had a feeling that dragging Leia back to Yavin would be more trouble than it’s worth. He just got done destroying the Death Star. He deserves a pass, especially if Leia is going to do something badass. She just needs to stay away from trash compactors.

Now in hyperspace, Princess Leia embraces her new friend and they set out on a new mission. And hopefully, this one won’t end with them needing to be rescued. It’s a good moment, although it’s still hard to make a judgment on Evaan. Right now, she’s just the pilot crazy enough to help the princess. She doesn’t have much of a personality or a role yet, but she’ll probably have to get one soon if she’s going to survive a mission with Princess Leia. She’ll just have to hope that Hugh Hefner’s method of using hot blondes to fulfill his life goals has some merit.

There’s something to be said about powerful women rebelling against propriety, even in an age where there are more washed up reality stars than there are royal families. It’s a concept that terrifies powerful men for some reason or another. The idea that a princess has to be sheltered rather than kick ass sounds like one of those old school traditions that was basically an elaborate excuse to keep powerful women from fucking around and having illegitimate kids. It may or may not apply in the world of Star Wars, but Princess Leia gave that shit the finger in a very satisfying way.

The strength of this issue is establishing clearly that Princess Leia is not content with just being a princess anymore. She just lost her planet. She recently got herself kidnapped. Rather than curl up in a ball and cry about it into a pile of royal silk sheets, she decides to do something about it. She decides to be part of the rebellion rather than just be a symbol. It’s a defining moment that helps highlight her transition from a helpless princess in A New Hope to a badass rebel in The Empire Strikes Back.

It still unfolded a bit too slowly and lacked good melodrama, but it felt like a complete transition. Princess Leia made the decision that will set her on the path to teaming up with Ewoks and she made it in a convincing manner. She even gained a new gal pal in Evaan to help her. She’s not exactly iconic just yet, but she’s already more compelling than Queen Amadala ever was. I give Princess Leia #1 a 7 out of 10. This is a book that feminists and fanboys alike can enjoy. Raging douche-bags or Downton Abby fans might not care for it, but the existence of those assholes are the exact reason why characters like Princess Leia are so important.

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A True Second Life: Spider-Gwen #1

The following is my review of Spider-Gwen #1, which was posted on

For better or for worse, some characters are defined by a singular moment. Batman is defined by the murder of his parents. Peter Parker is defined by the irresponsibility that led to the death of his uncle. And Jason Biggs is defined by his intimate dealings with baked goods in American Pie. These defining moments are both memorable and compelling for their iconic impact. But sometimes these moments can weight down a character and limit their development. This is what happened to Gwen Stacy.

For decades now, Gwen Stacy has been defined by her death. Even after her history was obscenely twisted by an affair with Norman Osborn, her death remains the most notable aspect of her character. Her personality, motivations, and potential were all shackled by this moment. That’s why a new world with a new path feels so jarring. That’s what the events of Spider-Verse offered when it introduced Spider-Gwen.

In this world, Gwen Stacy was no longer the girl who died or got knocked up by Norman Osborn. She was the one who got bit by the spider and became a new incarnation of Spider-Man. For a character that’s been around since the disco era, it’s a novelty that shouldn’t feel like one on paper. She’s a cute, pretty blonde who gets Spider-Powers. If she didn’t have any history and tried to come out in an era of female Thors and Kamala Khans, she probably wouldn’t make the cut. But she does have that history and Spider-Gwen #1 shows that this history helps make this new path special.

The context of Spider-Man’s history is what gives Gwen’s status as Spider-Woman weight in the story. There are familiar names all around her from Ben Grimm to Foggy Nelson. Some of these characters are very different. Some aren’t different at all. Kingpin is still a criminal mastermind, Vulture is still a C-list villain, and J. Jonah Jameson is still a cantankerous blow-hard. It’s a world that feels like Spider-Man. But through the eyes of Gwen Stacy, it takes on a bold new meaning.

In many respects, Gwen Stacy’s struggles are very similar to a young Peter Parker. She’s trying to do the right thing and be a hero. However, everyone else in the world thinks she’s a villain. At one point, her own father was Spider-Woman’s harshest critic. And in a world where people J. Jonah Jameson seriously, that’s saying something. Her defining moment to this point was her revealing her identity to her father and saving him. While that moment made her a hero in the same way catching his uncle’s killer made him a hero, it also complicated her life in ways befitting of any Spider-Man story.

Gwen Stacy is really at rock bottom in terms of her reputation as a superhero. In some ways, she has it even worse than Peter Parker. At least Peter Parker didn’t get blamed for the death of his uncle. Since J. Jonah Jameson loves to outdo himself in any universe, he’s made it so Spider-Woman is the reason for Peter Parker’s death in this world. And since her father is still a captain with the NYPD, she doesn’t even have a home to go to. Even on his worst days, Peter could count on a nice home-cooked meal from his Aunt May. Gwen doesn’t have that luxury.

Most of the story revolves around Gwen coming to grips with all the forces that are working against her. But in the tradition of all the Spider-Men and Spider-Women that came before her, she doesn’t let that stop her from being responsible. In fact, she conveys more responsibility than Peter Parker did as a teenager in some ways. She doesn’t blame anyone else for her situation. She doesn’t get overly bitter. She doesn’t even whine about it. She just takes it all in until she sees an opportunity to make Spider-Woman a hero again. And she hasn’t even thrown her costume in a garbage can yet. Compared to Peter Parker and Miles Morales, she’s way ahead of schedule.

The strength of this story is built around Gwen Stacy trying to re-establish herself in a world that is trying desperately to reject her. It’s a world that’s conveyed through her eyes and from her perspective. It feels very personal while capturing all the right elements that make Spider-Man stories great. But beyond this strength, there isn’t much in terms of bonuses.

There are other parts of the story that tie into Gwen’s, but they’re only marginally developed. There’s nothing about this version of Vulture that anyone is going to find novel or intriguing. The same can be said for Kingpin and J. Jonah Jameson. That’s not to say there aren’t other stories worth following. The band Gwen belongs to, the Mary Janes, are one of the more novel aspects of her world. Their story does continue, but not by much. They’re basically the equivalent of Youtube celebrities now. And that can only last as long as the next cat video.

There was a lot to love about Gwen Stacy before she ever got spider-powers. Spider-Gwen #1 reveals a world has a very different Gwen Stacy, but she still has all the same characteristics that make her so lovable. She’s still that sweet girl next door that boys are afraid to talk to since her father is a cop. She just happens to have spider-powers in this world and she’s had the same rotten luck as Peter Parker in terms of using them responsibility. But considering how she ended up dead in Peter’s world, it still counts as an upgrade.

Final Score: 8 out of 10