Friday, February 18, 2011

X-men Supreme Issue 27: Cajun Chaos Part 1 PREVIEW

A new arc is almost ready to begin in the X-men Supreme fanfiction series! The last few issues were one-shots, telling smaller stories to help move the world of X-men Supreme forward. Now a bigger story is at hand! X-men Supreme Volume 2: War Powers started off by introducing a new character in Nightcrawler. He wasn't the first character I had planned to make an appearance and he most certainly won't be the last. For those of you who read Issue 26: The Ties That Terrorize you already know what I mean! That's right, X-men Supreme is about to welcome Remy Lebeau into this fanfiction series.

I know Gambit has colorful history with some colorful fans. He's one of those characters that people either love or hate. In X-men Supreme my goal isn't just to make these characters awesome. My goal is to make these characters believable and salient to X-men fans of all ages and tastes. For Gambit, that's not going to be easy. At least with X-men Supreme, I have a clean slate to work with. Don't expect Gambit to be the same guy he is in the X-men comics or any of the cartoons you may have seen. Expect to see Gambit in a different light. He's still the same cunning Cajun that X-men fans know and love (or hate) and this upcoming arc, Cajun Chaos, will bring his world into X-men Supreme! As always I've posted a nice preview that I hope will get Gambit fans excited!

“Hey Lebeau!” shouted a random voice from a crowded street, “You’re a dead man!”

The shouting was barely noticed. Most people probably thought it was just some guy teasing a friend, but Remy knew to take it seriously. Hiding behind a trench coat and baseball hat, he slipped into the nearest bar and carefully watched the crowd. He saw a familiar figure walk towards where he had been standing.

“I know you’re here, you’re Cajun scum! You’re days are numbered, you hear? You’ll never make it out of this swamp! You’ll be croc chow!” he taunted.

Remy stayed out of sight, hiding in the bar and casually leaning back as if he were waiting for someone. The figure kept looking around, but eventually gave up and moved on. But he and others like him would return. That was the nature of the Thieves Guild.

“Damn you, Jean-Luc,” Remy cursed under his breath, “Damn you all to hell.”

He was in a difficult position. His whole world was falling apart. The home he once loved and cherished was turning into a nightmare.

It was hard to contemplate where it all went wrong. Remy was a young Cajun mutant who spent all his life in the New Orleans criminal underworld. When it came to world of thievery and assassins, he had seen it all. He didn’t remember his birth parents, but he was raised in these parts by a master thief named Jean-Luc Lebeau. It was a stroke of luck for him in some ways because if New Orleans had a mafia, Jean-Luc would be a godfather. He was the head of the Thieves Guild, an organization with roots going back centuries. He carried a lot of weight in the criminal underworld and he saw potential in him as an orphan. But it wasn’t out of love or compassion.

Since his birth, Remy was a known mutant. He was born with mysterious red eyes with black irises. Early on it turned a lot of people off, but not Jean-Luc. He taught Remy to embrace his abilities. He even taught him to use them to his advantage. As it turns out, they gave him an uncanny talent for thieving. As a boy he stared by pick-pocketing. As a teenager he graduated to jewels, money, and electronics. His skills were further enhanced when he developed another mutant power. He found he could charge inanimate objects with a special kind of kinetic energy and cause them to explode. It came in handy when he needed to break into something. It saved him the hassle of carrying explosives, but it had other uses as well.

“Hey pal, if you ain’t gonna buy a drink you might as well leave,” said the intimidating voice of the barkeeper.

Remy turned around and saw a somewhat obese middle-aged man with messy black hair approach him from behind the bar. He looked like a biker of sorts. In these parts it helped to look intimidating when running a business, but Remy wasn’t easily intimidated.

“Fine then, Remy will have a drink,” said the Cajun.

“Hold on…” said barkeeper as he looked at him critically, “I don’t just start a tab for anybody. And you don’t exactly strike me as an honest drunk.”

“Fine then. Remy will just take his business elsewhere,” shrugged the Cajun as he started to turn away.

“Not so fast!” he said as he got right in Remy’s way, “Did I say you could go?”

“Take it easy, homme. You don’t wanna make something of this,” warned Remy.

“I’ll be the judge of that!”

As I continue to intoduce new characters and expand the X-men Supreme fanfiction series, it's very important that I get feedback from readers. I know there are some ardent Gambit fans and detractors out there just as there are fans of Cyclops, Wolverine, and Rogue. As such, I need to know that I'm doing these characters justice as I continue to develop the world of X-men Supreme. Please contact me if you have any issues you want to bring up. Even if you just want to talk X-men, I would love to hear from you! I have a long ways to go with X-men Supreme and I need help from the wonderful readers who support it if I'm to make this fanfiction series the best it can be. Excelsior!


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