Friday, February 24, 2012

X-men Supreme Issue 48: The Good, The Bad, The Sinister Part 2 PREVIEW

I've been hard at work on the next issue of the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. The latest arc, The Good, The Bad, The Sinister, began with a few revelations and a little deception. That's to be expected when a man like Sinister is involved. He has a history of tormenting the X-men in some very creative ways and I hope to capture that essance with the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. While the Sinister Intent arc helped introduce him, this arc will help readers understand what makes Sinister tick in the world of X-men Supreme. Moreover, it'll reveal some major secrets that I've only been hinting at to this point. I'm very excited about this arc and as such I've prepared a brief preview of what you can expect from this important issue.

“Logan…it’s time to wake up.”

Those deep, menacing words roused in him the angry Wolverine. In a burst of anger and rage, he plowed through the veil of unconsciousness.

“Hrrrrrraahhhhhhhhhh!” he roared

With renewed strength surging through his body, he shot up from his unmoving state in a burst of rage. He was expecting to wake up in some dingy lab strapped to a gurney with wires going into his body. But what he got instead was completely unexpected.

As Logan shot up, opening his eyes and drawing his claws, he found himself on a nice comfortable bed instead of a metal gurney. There were no shackles or wires. There wasn’t even a laboratory around him. Instead, he was in what looked like a cabin in the mountains. There were wooden walls, nice animal-fur carpets, and an old fashioned wood stove. It wasn’t unlike the many cabins he stayed in throughout his life in Canada.

But as nice a surprise this was, Logan was still suspicious.

“You gotta be freakin’ kidding me!” he snarled as he slipped out of the bed, his claws still drawn, “This someone’s idea of a sick joke?”

“It’s no joke, I assure you.”

Logan swiftly turned around to see that the voice that had been calling out to him belonged to Madelyn Pryor. She was now standing behind his bed, wearing the same revealing outfit he remembered from the forest. She had the same menacing smirk on her face and Logan was prepared to rip into her on the spot.

“You! This another one of your mind games?!” he roared, holding his claws up to her throat.

“Oh please,” she scoffed, “If I were attacking you telepathically, you would not be in such a peaceful setting. You would be tied up, bound, and caged like the animal you are.”

“How kinky,” said Logan dryly, “That mean I’ll have to start carving you up to get you to tell me where I am?”

“And ruin my perfect figure? Please,” said Madelyn casually, “I’d be happy to tell you where you are, but I’ll leave that to someone with much greater insight.”

The front door to the cabin then opened. Logan shot around again, this time coming face-to-face with someone that pissed him off even more. It was Sinister and he had the same snide grin as Madelyn.

“Hello Wolverine,” he greeted, “Nice to see you alert and well-rested.”

Logan growled as he turned his rage towards the imposing figure. With murderous intent, he lunged towards Sinister with every intention of ripping him to shreds.

“You!” he roared, “You’re as ugly as Jeannie said you were!”

“Did she also mention I could do this?”

With a snide grin, Sinister raised his hand and hit Logan with a healthy dose of telekinesis. It stopped him just as Logan’s claw was about to make contact with his face. It wasn’t enough to knock him back. It was just enough to freeze him in place. Before he could regroup, Sinister clenched his fist and put the feral mutant into a firm telekinetic hold. Logan continued to thrash, forcing Madelyn to come in and help. But Sinister remained undaunted. He didn’t even look surprised.

“You ugly fucking excuse for a clown! I’ll kill you for this lousy stunt!” roared the raging Logan.

“Oh is it really so lousy?” taunted Madelyn, “It worked didn’t it?”

“I’ll kill you too for playing your part as psycho bitch!”

“Please dispense with such juvenile threats. I didn’t go through the trouble of trapping you so you could spew obscenities.”

“Yeah right! You give Cyke and Jeannie the same courtesy when you snatched them up last time?!” roared Logan, “I should gut you just for that!”

“Trust me, you don’t want to do that,” taunted Sinister, “Even if such an act is physically impossible with my body.”

“Trust me, nothing would be more satisfying!”

“Would it? Because if somehow you kill me, you would be killing one of the few people left in this world who can give you answers about your past. And you do seek answers, don’t you, Logan? Or should I say, Weapon X?”

While I continue to work on the latest arc for X-men Supreme, I also plan on doing a few updates. This includes new entries in the bios section and the pics section. However, while I am determined to keep these sections up to date, I've been a little disappointed by the lack of reviews and feedback I've been getting lately. It feels like it has been declining since X-men Supreme Volume 3: Ashes of Hope began. I work long and hard on this fanfiction series. It's important that I get feedback and support. I'm always encouraging people to contact me and I mean it. I really do want to know what people think of X-men Supreme and I want feedback so I can make this website better. So please keep that in mind as this fanficiton series moves forward. I want to do so many things with X-men Supreme, but that won't be possible if others don't enjoy it. Thanks and I hope you enjoy the future of this fanfiction series. Excelsior!


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