Friday, September 4, 2015

X-men Supreme Reflections: Emma Frost is LIVE!

Throughout X-men Supreme’s history, there have been a handful of moments I’m especially proud of. The growth of the Scarlet Witch from dutiful daughter to leader of Genosha is one of them. The X-men Supreme take of the Phoenix Saga is another. The revelation about Mystique being Rose, Wolverine’s first love, is the most recent. However, I think I can say with a fair amount of confidence that I’m especially proud with this latest entry in this fanfiction series.

X-men Supreme Reflections has become a great avenue to explore the hearts and minds of certain characters. There’s only so much I can do in the main series. Sometimes, it’s necessary to take a character aside, let them explore their own thoughts, and flesh out their persona in all the right ways. Certain characters, like Wolverine and Storm, have very definitive personalities that are woven right into the fabric of the X-men mythos. I think Emma Frost is definitely one of those personalities. Thanks largely to her development under Grant Morrison in his New X-men run, Emma Frost has made the transition from villainous vixen to an foundational member of the X-men.

As such, it’s very important that I capture the essence of Emma Frost when incorporating her into the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. I established back during the X-men Supreme Phoenix Saga that Emma Frost’s ties to the X-men, the Hellfire Club, and the Inner Circle are different in this fanfiction series compared to the comics. She was actually one of the early members of the X-men who escaped the clutches of the Inner Circle before she could completely embrace her role as the White Queen. She was also Cyclops’ first girlfriend. Then, during the Prison Break arc, I revealed some of the reasons why Emma Frost left the X-men and why she betrayed them during the Phoenix Saga.

As in the comics, many of Emma’s personal demons come from her difficult family upbringing and the Inner Circle. It’s the Inner Circle, particularly Sebastian Shaw, who dictated a lot of her actions after she entered the picture in X-men Supreme. Now, she’s free of his influence, thanks largely to Cyclops and Jean Grey. However, her role in the X-men Supreme fanfiction series is still evolving and it will continue to evolve into X-men Supreme Volume 6. That’s why her entry into X-men Supreme Reflections is so vital.

It’s also why I’m especially proud of how I’ve refined Emma Frost through this series. Few characters in the X-men mythos inspire quite as much passion and division as Emma Frost. With this fanfiction series, I wanted to flesh out the elements that make her so endearing and iconic. I’ve tried to do that as best I can in the main series. However, I believe it’s this entry of X-men Supreme Reflections that best reflect the best of Emma Frost. I hope Emma fans agree and I hope they look forward to seeing her grow in the X-men Supreme fanfiction series as much as me.

X-men Supreme Reflections: Emma Frost

As I’ve stated before, Emma Frost has some very passionate fans. She’s among the many X-men characters that inspire a special level of passion. For that very reason, I want to be respectful of these characters and develop them in the most awesome way possible. That includes Emma Frost. I’m especially interested in hearing from her fans for this entry of X-men Supreme Reflections. Please take the time to review this issue or contact me directly. I’m always happy to talk X-men, Emma Frost, and everything in between. Until next time, take care and best wishes. Excelsior!


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