Friday, June 24, 2016

X-men Supreme Issue #137: Outer Limits Part 1 is LIVE!

The countdown is almost over. The X-men are about to launch themselves into another cosmic conflict in the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. They’ve dealt with cosmic threats before in the Phoenix Saga and the Starcrossed arc. In each of those arcs, the cosmic threat came to them. This time, the X-men will be going to them instead. A great many plots are about to converge. Some of them have been building in X-men Supreme Volume 3: Ashes of Hope. The Phoenix Force, Lilandra Neramani, the M’Kran Crystal, the Shi’ar, and D’ken are poised to make their mark on this fanfiction series in a major way.

It’s a significant shift from the more earthbound conflicts that the X-men have been dealing with, going all the way back to X-men Supreme Volume 5: Dark Truths. Many recent plots have been built around dealing with threats to human/mutant relations, such as the Mutant Liberation Front and the Legacy Virus. There’s always a place for those conflicts in X-men, but those aren’t the only conflicts that define them. The X-men take part in different conflicts that involve monsters, aliens, and mystical forces. In many ways, it helps legitimize them as a superhero team. I seek to capture that same spirit within this fanfiction series.

The Shi’ar present a unique challenge. They are an alien race defined by their interaction with the X-men. In the comics and cartoons, much of their story is built around the Phoenix Saga. At times, too much of their story stems from it. I’ve already established some link between the Phoenix Force and the Shi’ar way back in the Phoenix Saga, which played out in X-men Supreme Volume 3: Ashes of Hope. Now, the scope and scale of that link is about to manifest in a major way, but it’s not just about the Phoenix Force this time. For X-men Supreme, I intend to build a different kind of conflict.
The Shi’ar are often portrayed as a warlike race. They define themselves by their ability to wage war.

In the context of the X-men and the Marvel universe, it’s a big reason why they became such a powerful force in the galaxy. It makes sense, as war tends to spur innovation and breakthroughs. It comes at a price though and that price is the key to the story I’m set to tell in this new arc, which I call Outer Limits. What happens to a civilization when its thirst for war is taken to an extreme? Humans like to think they’re incredibly warlike, but they’ve got nothing on the Shi’ar. The story ahead in the X-men Supreme fanfiction series will prove that beyond any doubt.

It’s a culmination of many long-standing plots for X-men Supreme. It’s also the catalyst for a new set of conflicts that will shake things up within the X-men as this fanfiction series moves forward. Expect this to be a major arc on par with Overlord and the Cambrian Explosion. Expect its impact to be every bit as profound. When the X-men enter cosmic conflicts, there will always be shake-ups and this one is no exception.

X-men Supreme Issue 137: Outer Limits Part 1

There are so many different types of stories to explore with X-men. Their mythos is so rich and diverse. It’s a big part of their appeal and I’ve done my best to capture that appeal with X-men Supreme. It’s my goal to make this fanfiction series as awesome as possible in as many ways as possible. I like to think I’ve achieved that with certain elements of X-men. I want to keep succeeding in even greater ways. That’s why I urge everyone to leave feedback for me with every update. I mean it when I say it helps me make X-men Supreme more awesome. Either contact me directly or post your comments directly in the issue. Either way is fine and either way helps. Until next time, take care and best wishes. Excelsior!



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  2. I could not resist commenting. Exceptionally well written!

    1. Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it.