Friday, October 13, 2017

X-men Supreme Issue 158: Power Brokers is LIVE!

These are exciting times for the X-men, both in the pages of Marvel Comics and within the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. I just returned from the New York Comic Con and, needless to say, I saw a lot of amazing things there. I even sat in on an X-men panel and got a glimpse of what the comics have in store. Between the return of Wolverine, the resurrection of Jean Grey, and the return of Charles Xavier, there’s a lot to get excited about. I hope to mirror that excitement in X-men Supreme.

That’s going to be difficult since I’ve resisted the urge to kill off so many iconic characters. It has happened, at times, such as in the Natural Disorder arc and at the end of Overlord. In my experience, there are more opportunities to explore great characters when they’re alive. I like to think I’ve done plenty of that in this fanfiction series, especially since X-men Supreme Volume 7: United and Divided has put so many major characters in such difficult positions.

The X-men, still led by Charles Xavier, are trying to make their new partnership with President Kelly and General Grimshaw work. The results have been mixed thus far. The events of Volatility Sensibility cast doubt on the X-men’s ability to handle dangerous mutants alongside the government. The results in the Drug War arc proved more promising, so much so Charles Xavier could claim victory over Sebastian Shaw, a long-time enemy of the X-men who had been tormenting his team since the Phoenix Saga.

Over with X-Force, being led by Cyclops after he left the team, the situation is a lot more tenuous. They were failed where Xavier and his X-men succeeded in taking down Sebastian Shaw in the Drug War arc. Lacking both the resources and government support of the X-men, Cyclops and his team face a much tougher challenge. However, they remain convinced that Charles Xavier made a mistake by pursuing the Mutant Monitoring Initiative. In Cyclops’ mind, it’s only a matter of time before it comes back to haunt them all. As X-men Supreme Volume 7: United and Divided unfolds, he’ll find out just how right or wrong he is.

While X-Force is recovering from their less-than-stellar performance in the Drug War arc, there’s another conflict that has been brewing since the end of X-men Supreme Volume 6: Liberation Decimation. While X-Force is operating out of Nova Roma, they’re also helping a displaced Scarlet Witch, who had been separated from the rest of the Brotherhood of Mutants after the events of the Proactive Regression arc. Her presence with X-Force has not gone unnoticed, especially by Nightcrawler. Both he and the Scarlet Witch have been developing an unusual bond since their encounter. Now, a new complication is about to enter the picture.

The conflict between the X-men and X-Force is going to be the primary catalyst for the story that unfolds in X-men Supreme Volume 7: United and Divided. What happens with the Scarlet Witch, what happens with the Mutant Monitoring Initiative, and what happens with X-Force is all connected. There’s a big upheaval brewing in this fanfiction series, one that will become more and more apparent as the next few issues unfold. There are forces, agendas, and characters who have yet to debut in X-men Supreme that will change the course of this fanfiction series. This latest issue is just a step in that process.

X-men Supreme Issue 158: Power Brokers

These are exciting times for X-men fans, both for this fanfiction series and the X-men comics. So many iconic characters are returning. There are incredible stories unfolding in both the comics and in X-men Supreme. In the past, I’ve written this fanfictions as a reprieve, of sorts, for X-men fans who feel disillusioned by the events of the X-men comics. Well, now the situation in the comics is improving. However, that doesn’t mean that I’m not as committed to making X-men Supreme as awesome as it can be. Now, I want this fanfiction series to complement the X-men comics as much as possible.

In order to maximize X-men Supreme and the impact of this fanfiction series, I still need feedback from readers. I’ve made some progress in limiting the spam, but I can still receive emails and I can still sift through comments. So please, if you can, take the time to review this fanfiction series. Either post your comments directly in the issue or contact me directly. Either way is fine and every bit of feedback helps. Until next time, take care and best wishes. Xcelsior!


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