Friday, June 29, 2018

The Red Queen Chronicles: The Lost Son Part 2 is LIVE!

I know waiting sucks, especially when you're waiting for something sexy. People tend to get impatient when they're horny. That's just an inescapable fact. I knew when I began writing "The Red Queen Chronicles: The Lost Son" that it was going to take multiple chapters to both tell the story and maximize the sex appeal. I also knew that the process would require some lengthy waiting for those eager to see Daken enter this sexy world I've created.

To those loyal and passionate readers, I apologize. I know the wait has been difficult. You have been extra vocal with your feedback on the first chapter. It ended up being more feedback than I expected. Apparently, the promise of Daken taking part in a story that involves Jean Grey, Emma Frost, and Mary Jane Watson has people extra excited. I want to say I'm surprised, but just typing that out makes it too obvious.

I understand the first chapter was somewhat shorter than usual and it really left things on a cliffhanger. Again, I apologize, but I have every intention of making that wait worthwhile. This latest chapter is going to have plenty of juicy content that was worth the extra time and effort. Yes, I know that's a kinky choice of words, given the nature of these stories. No, I'm not apologizing for that.

This latest chapter contains a few details and themes that multiple readers have asked about in the past. To those readers, I hope this delivers. Now, some of them are a bit darker than usual. However, I made an effort to not let it get too dark. It's a challenge to balance out the sexiness with the serious overtones. I think I've achieved that here.

This chapter really raises the stakes and steps up the sexier themes of this story. There's still more to come, though. There are a couple more chapters in the works, each containing more juicy content of the kinky variety. I know the wait won't be easy, but I intend to make it worthwhile. Thanks again to all those who have supported this story. I hope you feel your patience has been rewarded.

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