Friday, August 19, 2011

X-men Supreme Issue 40: Overlord Part 3 PREVIEW

We're officially at the halfway point of the biggest event in the history of the X-men Supreme fanfiction series! I've been working long and hard, making sure this event is as big as any X-men event ever told by Marvel comics. I know that's a tall order for a fanfiction series, but I'm trying to treat this as something much more than that. As with all great stories, great tribulation will lead to great change. In the last issue, Magneto fired the first shot of the conflict. Now the X-men and all of humanity must try to respond. Their struggle takes an unexpected turn in the next issue. As usual, I've prepared a preview for the next Earth-shaking issue of X-men Supreme.

Lorna shot around to see her half-brother standing in front of her in street clothes, casually eating a bag of chips. She instinctively got defensive, having not spoken to her siblings since the uprising.

“Pietro! What do you want?” she demanded.

“Take it easy, half-sis. I’m not here to fight,” he said with his mouth full of chips, “I’m just here to pay a friendly visit to the only girl in our family who doesn’t seem outraged by the way they’re treating our father.”

“I am outraged! But if you think you can get me to turn my back on my friends or my mother, you’re going to be disappointed!” she said, making some of the metal around her move, “Now are you going to leave me alone or am I going to have to make you?”

“Wow, Wanda was right. The women of the family do seem to inherent father’s temper,” commented Pietro.

“I’ll take that as a no,” grunted Lorna as she levitated a couple of chairs around her.

At this point, Pietro quit the jokes and got serious. He threw away his empty bag of chips and held his hands up innocently.

“Whoa there! We’re already in a hospital, Lorna. Let’s not add to the body count,” he said calmly.

“Then explain yourself or go away!” she said.

“Fine, but you’re going to owe me big time after I do this little favor,” he said.

“Favor? What are you talking about?” said Lorna, letting the chairs down.

“This,” he said as he pulled out some folded up pieces of paper from his pocket, “I did a little rummaging through the files here. Turns out the doctors have been keeping a few secrets from you.”

Pietro then handed the papers to Lorna. Curious but suspicious, Lorna kept her eye on her estranged brother as she unfolded them. They appeared to be some kind of medical records, not unlike the ones she saw the doctors carrying around all the time. She recognized them as belonging to her mother. They were a detailed record of her treatments since she arrived at this hospital, but what really caught her eye were the comments made at the bottom.

Her heart jumped up into her throat when she read those ominous words. Words like terminal and irreversible dominated every sentence. The line at the bottom was the hardest to read. It confirmed what she had been dreading for so long now.

“Six weeks…that’s all she has?!” sobbed Lorna, “Six week before…”

She couldn’t even say it. She dropped the paper and had to lean on the wall for balance. Pietro quickly caught her to keep her from completely falling over. She was on the verge of breaking down. Her mother was dying and now she had a time limit. Just six weeks at the most and she would be gone.

“I’m sorry, Lorna. I really am,” said Pietro in as sincere a tone he could manage.

“No…it can’t be!” she sobbed, “Xavier said this place was the best! This is where she could get the treatment that would…”

“Xavier makes a lot of promises he can’t keep. It’s sort of his thing.”

“Shut up! My mom is dying and you’re using this to spite Xavier?!” she exclaimed.

“I’m just stating facts, Lorna,” he said bluntly, “Trust me, I take no joy in saying this. But it’s too late for your mother. There’s nothing you or Xavier can do for her.”

Lorna looked at her brother bitterly and then back at her mother. As much as she resented him, she knew he was right.

“No…not like this,” she said, looking at her mom, “I can’t lose her!”

“You don’t have to,” said Pietro, putting a hand on her shoulder, “Remember those healers father promised you during the uprising? That promise still stands you know.”

“What healers?” scoffed Lorna bitterly, “There were no healers! If so, why didn’t you offer them before when my mother still had a chance?!”

“That was then. This is now,” said Pietro ominously, “The situation has changed on Genosha. Something’s come up…something Wanda and I want you to be a part of.”

“Didn’t we already go through this before?” said Lorna bitterly, “You tried to get me to go along with a war to save my mother!”

“This is different. What we’re planning this time is worlds away from the uprising against Hodge,” grinned the speedster, “You want to save your mother. But what about the world she’s going to live in? Don’t you want that to be something worth living in?”

“That depends. What does this plan entail that’s so different than the last one?” asked Lorna skeptically.

“That I can’t tell you because I sincerely don’t know. All I can tell you is that you gotta decide now because it’s all going down soon. You want to save your mother? You can. You just have to give me and Wanda a second chance.”

Also, when reading the next issue keep an eye out for a few special details. There's something I've been hinting at and concealing since the beginning of this fanfiction series. It involves a certain character and a certain relationship. It was mentioned earlier in this event, but the full story will become clearer by the end of this issue! Keep an eye out for it and you'll see what I mean! Now recently, I know I haven't been updating the pics or bios section. That's because I've been sinking so much of my time into this big X-men Supreme event. I promise I'll try to catch up when all is said and done. In the meantime, please take time to review this series or contact me with feedback. Reviews have been slipping lately and I really want to get as much feedback as possible so I can make this and future X-men Supreme events as awesome as they can be! Excelsior!


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