Monday, December 31, 2012

Breaking News: Peter David Has Suffered a Stroke

I know recent news on this blog has made a big fucking deal of what has happened to Peter Parker in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man. However, the shit that happens in real life is always a much bigger deal. Earlier today, it was reported that longtime comic writer and current X-Factor scribe, Peter David, has suffered a stroke. Both Bleeding Cool and Peter David's own blog has reported as such:

Bleeding Cool: Peter David Suffers a Stroke On Holiday

Peter David's Blog: I Have Had A Stroke

This guy has done damn near everything in the comic book industry short of shining Stan Lee's shoes. So I can't put a humorous twist on this at all. Please get well soon, Mr. David. The X-men comics and the comic book world as a whole is better when you contribute to it. Nuff said.