Friday, December 7, 2012

X-men Supreme Issue 68: The Phoenix Saga Part 6 is LIVE!

It's finally here! The biggest moment in the history of the X-men Supreme fanfiction series has arrived! I know I've labeled many moments in X-men Supreme as big events, but this one is by far the biggest for one reason: the Phoenix Saga. In the history of X-men and Marvel comics, few stories have carried with them so much impact and so much emotion. Chris Claremont created something truly special all those years ago and it has been imagine and retold in many forms with the X-men in movies, cartoons, and comics. As such, I wanted to retell it in a way that was special and memorable for the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. There are so many ways I could have gone and there are so many angles to cover for the X-men, Jean Grey, and the Phoenix Force. But I didn't want this saga to drag on for too long. On this day, the Phoenix Saga ends. But the impact is just beginning!

Issue 68: The Phoenix Saga Part 6

This fanfiction series has undergone many changes throughout its history. Characters have changed. Circumstances have changed. The whole X-men line-up has changed. But I can say without reservation that the Phoenix Saga will fundementally change the nature of the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. And I'm not just talking about Cyclops and Jean Grey either. The Phoenix Force will bring in an entirely new element to the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. That element will be explored in many stories to come. But those stories can't be told until X-men Supreme Volume 3: Ashes of Hope is completed. After the Phoenix Saga, there aren't many issues left. But with the end of this monumental event in the annuls of X-men Supreme, a whole new world of stories is set to emerge!

And in the spirit of the completion of the Phoenix Saga, I posted a new commission that I've been sitting on for well over a year because I knew it would be a huge part of the X-men Supreme Phoenix Saga. It depicts the final dramatic moment between Cyclops and Jean Grey at the end of Issue 68. It was a very special moment and the man who actually crafted the front page image on the X-men Supreme official website was the one behind this image. For that, I think Fabio of ComicConArt and as such, I've also posted the image in the X-men Supreme Official Panels section.

I've had an amazing time writing X-men Supreme, but I take a special bit of satisfaction in writing the X-men Supreme Phoenix Saga. After this final issue of the saga, I feel like I've covered all the necessary elements to make an X-men Phoenix Saga awesome. But I know at the end of the day it doesn't matter what I think as much as it matters how my readers think. So please take the time to post a review of the Phoenix Saga or of any previous issues. Or if you want you can contact me directly. I'm always open to feedback and I'll be happy to answer any questions anyone may have. So it's done. The X-men Supreme Phoenix Saga has ended and from the ashes a bold new world of X-men Supreme shall emerge! Until next time, take care and best wishes! Excelsior!


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