Saturday, September 6, 2014

Baltimore Comic Con 2014 - Pics and Experiences

It's that time of year again! It's that special time between the beginning of football season and the end of shitty summer reruns. That's right, I'm talking about the Baltimore Comic Con. For me, it's the most important Comic Con of the year, namely because it's the only Comic Con I can get to without the TSA giving me several rectal probes. It's a convention that has been growing in recent years. The crowds have been getting bigger, the panels have been getting more noteworthy, and the names have been getting bigger. This year had plenty to offer. And because I love you people who take the time to read my drunken ravings, I share with you some of the wonders I witnessed while attending this awesome event.

Even as a puppet, I still find Snarf annoying as hell.
This is Thor reminding me I still owe him a beer.
So much to see. Only so much sobriety to work with.
X-23 makes teen angst sexy and compelling.
It's not the gates of heaven, but it's close enough.
Nova keeping an eye out for any gun-toting racoons.
It was a LONG ass line to get in. So worth it!
Let it never be said that the Joker doesn't have class.
The line FINALLY started moving. I admit I cried a little.
Flash and Zattana. Magic and speed. A sexy mixture if ever there was one.
No Comic Con is complete without sexy artwork.
Family Guy + X-men = Awesome
No matter who the artist might be, Starfire's ass will always inspire.
Dark Phoenix blows up worlds and inspires great art.
Sexy art for all to see. Remarkably, no kids were permanently scarred.
Wolverine can look sophisticated when he needs to.
Peter freakin' Mayhew, better known as Chebacca. And yes, I got his autograph.
Deadpool. He finds his way to every convention.
Every girl looks sexier in librarian glasses and Wonder Woman shirts.
The Joker and Harley Quinn. DC's REAL power couple.
No Sith Lord can ever start their day without a good espresso.
Dick Tracy was was pissed when I cut in line.
Phoenix in any color is just as awesome.
There can never be enough pretty blond characters in comics and this is why.
Thor reminding me that I owe him ANOTHER beer.
Rule #1 when talking to Ghost Rider: NEVER mention Nicholas Cage.
Cliff Chang signing my copy of Wonder Woman: Volume 1.
My autographed copy of Superman/Wonder Woman. Thank you, Charles Soule!
Charles Soule, the hardest working man in comics.
Zenescope. Where Milo Manera covers don't mean dick.
Swords and Katanas. Yes, they were selling this. Yes, I almost bought one.
Tom Brevoort at the Marvel Panel, rocking the top hat.
Marvel's full panel: Tom Brevoort, Charles Soule, Jim Sarlin, Rags Morales, and Mark Waid
Tom Brevoort, Rags Morales, and Charles Soule joking about Thor's hammer.
Louise "Weezie" Simonson. Giving girl power to comics for three decades.
Walter Simonson. The only man who can handle Loiuse's girl power.
Louise Simonson being awesome and signing my issue of X-Factor Forever.
A sneak peak at Wonder Woman #33
Another sneak peak at Wonder Woman #33
She's not a real princess, but I feel the urge to treat her like one.
Thor and Captain America. Proof they're both sexier as women.
Not sure if they're arguing about Starfire's ass or Superman's penis.
Rogue makes untouchable so sexy.
I think this guy stole that sign from Jean Grey.
Dark Phoenix stops by between snacking on planets.
Even Sentinels find comic cons fun.
Let's face it, you'd vote for him over anyone else at this point.
She looked so much better before she committed genocide.
I imagine this is the look Black Widow gives a man who steals her vodka.
Lobo don't give a damn if the convention center doesn't allow smoking
Cyclops is probably looking forward to Wolverine being out of the way for a while.
Superman and Wonder Woman's appeal has no boundaries.
Captain America and Darth Vadar. Make it happen, Marvel!
Thor is already a woman. Why not take the next logical step?
Duke Nukem. For the ladies.
Psylocke threatening anybody who stares at her ass the wrong way.
Saga inspires romance and better parenting techniques.
Don't know how Black Widow gets into her outfit. Pretty sure I can still fap to it.
Storm makes friends with everybody. That's why she's a goddess.
Magneto and baby Wanda. Cute and a little disturbing.
Comics inspire pretty girls to show it off. It's a thing of beauty.
There was plenty more to see. I wish I could've captured it all, but my smart phone only has so much battery life and my attention span go so far while surrounded by so much awesome. Once again, the Baltimore Comic Con is my Superbowl and like Joe Montana or Terry Bradshaw, I'm expecting to go back next year. Nuff said!


  1. That was nice. Glad you had a good time.

    1. Thanks! I enjoyed myself and I plan on going back next year.


  2. Wow awesomeeeeeeee spectacularrrr

  3. Aw, thanks for the sweet comment/caption! (Lady Captain America here, on behalf of Thor and I *blushing*) -- Sharon Berger of Cosplay 10.6 (

    1. You're very welcome. Thanks for taking the time to make such an awesome costume. Hope to see you again next year!