Thursday, September 4, 2014

Strangers In Paradise Chapter 3: Royal Decree is LIVE!

It took way longer than I had hoped, but I'm finally ready to update "Strangers In Paradise." I know. I took way too long. For that, I apologize. There were forces beyond my control delayed my progress. I know it's not a good thing, delaying a story where I'm trying to explore uncharted territory. But I do have a good reason this time. I recently had to undergo some overdue dental surgery. The procedure had some complications, which put me in a world of pain that I still haven't fully recovered from. It was hard enough keeping up-to-date with X-men Supreme. I couldn't find the time I hoped to complete this chapter with the level of quality I wanted. I've finally recovered enough to get the job done. Now it's here.

This is set to be a very emotional chapter. I spent the entire previous chapter just establishing the chemistry between Clark and Diana. Being stuck on an island with nothing but time and youthful hormones can be a dangerous combination. They came together in a way they never could have anticipated. Now Diana's mother and sisters have uncovered her secret. It's going to lead to a very emotional and very difficult conversation that will change the course of her life and Clark's. This is a chapter that I hope is worth the wait for Superman/Wonder Woman fans.

Barring another major surgical procedure that cripples me with pain, I hope to post the next chapter much sooner. Nuff said!

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