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X-men Supreme Issue 106: Civilization No Longer Lost Part 1 PREVIEW!

Throughout the history of Marvel Comics, the X-men have traveled to many exotic locations. It's a big part of any epic mythos. There's only so many times the X-men, or any heroes for that matter, can save the day in places like New York City and Washington DC. I've already incorporated some of those exotic locations into the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. The Savage Land and Genosha are places unique to the Marvel Universe and they both have a strong history with the X-men. I've tried to reflect that in X-men Supreme, but I've also tried to find ways of making them distinct for this fan fiction series. Genosha has certainly gotten quite an overhaul, going all the way back to the mutant uprising Magneto led back in X-men Supreme Volume 1: Mutant Revolution. But Genosha isn't the only exotic location that is associated with the X-men. There are other, lesser known places that give the X-men a unique set of challenges.

Since X-me Supreme Volume 5: Dark Truths began, I've kept the X-men in familiar territory for the most part. There have been so many problems involving Genosha and the treaty maintaining such a fragile peace that they haven't had a chance to explore new places, as they have in previous volumes. Well with the return of the Black Queen in X-men Supreme Issue 105: Bleeding Hearts, the X-men are going to have to venture into unexplored territory once more. This time, the X-men will find themselves in a place that will give enemies like the Black Queen and Sinister the home field advantage.

This new domain, should this fanfiction series continue beyond X-men Supreme Volume 5: Dark Truths, will become very important to X-men Supreme. For that reason, this conflict is help create the biggest arc to date for X-men Supreme Volume 5: Dark Truths. I've shown through events that began at the end of X-men Supreme Volume 4: Politics of Fear that Sinister and the Black Queen have been plotting for quite some time. Some of it has involved science, such as Sinister's ploy against Rogue and Gambit in X-men Supreme Issue 103: Shifting Tides. In X-men Supreme Issue 105: Bleeding Hearts, magic got involved through the Black Queen. Now these two powerful sources are set to converge in a major way in this new arc, which I've dubbed Civilization No Longer Lost. It won't just give the X-men an exotic new location to explore. It'll trigger the spark that will lead to some of the most important developments in the X-men Supreme fanfiction series to date. As always, I've prepared a preview that should set the stage for the conflict the X-men will be dealing with in this arc.

Sinister had been cooped up in his lab for quite some time. He had to be in order to stay under the radar of all those who would disrupt his work. It was agonizing at times, being constrained to these sterile environments for weeks at a time. But he was used to it. Now he, Gabriel, and his Marauders were about to get a nice change of scenery.

His beloved, Selene, was setting everything up. He was ready to join her at Mount Anton. Even though he was a man of science, he was not averse to using magic to achieve his goals. Speaking to Selene over a secure communicator, he could tell this little endeavor would give them plenty to work with.

“I see…no, I’m not surprised. You did say Miss Sefton would be feeling the effects already…Indeed. I guess we both overestimated her. It will make the next step much easier…of course. I’m on my way as we speak. I have our newest Marauder joining us. Since the X-men are bound to get involved, it never hurts to have a few tricks at our disposal…oh you have such a dirty mind, Selene. We’ll meet you and Madelyn at the base of the mountain. I’ll see you soon, my love.”

Sinister turned off the communication link as he and Gabriel approached his supersonic stealth jet. The Marauders were already inside and waiting impatiently to depart.

“At last, you’re venturing out from your lab/cave,” joked Gabriel, “Madelyn and I were about to have an intervention.”

“You weren’t worried that I was spending too much time with my work, were you?” scoffed Sinister.

“Oh it’s not your work that had us worried. It was the constant boasting at how close you were to the next step as you call it. We actually kept a tab of how many times you said it and every time the only thing that changed was the date on the calendar.”

“Science is a gradual process, Gabriel. Progress often comes in increments,” said Sinister.

“Does that mean we can stop the count at 22?” grinned Gabriel.

“When you see what my beloved has prepared, you’ll take back every one of them,” he replied confidently, “These missions to collect mutant blood samples haven’t been for show. They are an integral part of my quest to unlock the secrets of mutation.”

“Didn’t you say the same thing about those samples you collected from Weapon X, Jean Grey, and my pest of a little brother?”

“What I gathered from them raised more questions than answers. However, they still pointed us in the right direction. That direction is now taking us to the city of Nova Roma, a place Selene and I have been hoping to revisit for some time.”

“So I’ve been told,” said Gabriel, “Any chance you’ll take some time to get at least some semblance of a tan while you’re there?”

“I would rather not waste time on my complexion,” he chuckled in response, “We’ll have much to keep us busy while we’re there.”

Gabriel grinned. It had been a while since he saw some action. All this lying low was agonizing for someone of his power. Given Selene’s history with Nova Roma and the inevitable involvement of the X-men, he could finally put his power to good use.

He and Sinister were just about to enter the jet when they were confronted by the unexpected presence of Mystique. She had been on the jet waiting as well and apparently it wasn’t just impatience that was affecting her mood.

“Where the hell have you been, Essex? I’ve been meaning to have a word with you,” said Mystique in her usual coarse tone.

“You and the rest of the Marauders,” he said dryly, “Relax, I’m not keeping you out of the loop.”

“It’s not this mission that has me concerned. It’s this new addition to your pack of degenerates. I don’t like him.”

“Why Raven, whatever do you mean?” said Sinister incredulously.

Before Mystique could yell at him any more, the side door to the hanger opened and the new addition she spoke of entered. This new presence caused her to tense. She looked ready to maul the first person that got in her way. It was distressing to her, but amusing to Sinister.

“Victor Creed,” greeted Sinister casually, acting oblivious to Mystique’s discomfort, “So glad you could join us, despite your fashionable tardiness.”

“I was busy with a beer and a playboy. Sue me,” snarled Sabretooth with a feral sneer.

“This being your first mission with us, you would be wise to show a little respect,” warned Gabriel.

“I would, wouldn’t I?” taunted the former living weapon, “Too bad you’re paying me for my claws and not my respect.”

“Funny, I was under the impression you were the one paying us. It was my generous uncle who pieced you back together after that beating you took in Canada,” reminded Gabriel.

“Before I broke out you mean,” added Sabretooth, “Say whatever you want, kid. You’re still paying me to be here. It ain’t money, but some perks you can’t put a price on.”

Sabretooth kept smiling as he walked past Sinister and Gabriel to enter the jet. Along the way he stopped by Mystique, who was still gazing at him with a look that could melt all the adamantium in Weapon X. Sabretooth’s grin only widened. He even made a snide kissy face to further enrage her. It was a game they played every time their paths crossed. He never gave a reason for it, as if he was saving it for a special occasion.

Gabriel remained annoyed while Sinister looked like he was trying hard not to laugh. He kept watching until Sabretooth disappeared into the jet, leaving Mystique standing in a burning rage.

“I don’t know why, but every time I look at that man I want to torture him a billion different ways,” she seethed, “I felt it when Magneto worked with him when I was in the Brotherhood. Now I feel it even more!”

“Why might that be? You two don’t have a history, do you?” said Sinister, sounding like he was teasing her.

Mystique’s fists clenched at his conniving tone. It was his way of saying he still had answers that she wanted. It infuriated her almost as much as Sabretooth because she kept having to respond in the same agonizing way.

“I don’t know,” she said coldly.

Part of making the X-men Supreme fanfiction series appealing and compelling involves exploring new territory for the X-men. I try my best to make every issue and arc feel unique while maintaining the spirit that has made X-men so great over the years. But the longer this fanfiction series continues, the more it'll explore and distinguish itself from other mediums. I want to ensure that these distinctions are still enjoyable for as many X-men fans as possible. And a big part of that involves feedback from readers. So please, if you're enjoying X-men Supreme or if you think it's crap, please take the time to provide that feedback. Either post it in each issue or contact me directly. I always try to respond to address concerns. I understand it's part of the process of making this fanfiction series awesome. Until next time, take care and best wishes. Excelsior!


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