Thursday, November 6, 2014

Marvel's "Secret Wars" Battleworld is Revealed!

Let's face it, there's nothing all that secret about Secret Wars anymore. We all know it's coming. Everybody and their bartender knows it's coming. It's the latest in Marvel's attempt to pretend that they'd actually consider doing a New 52 style reboot like DC. I'll become a Mormon before that ever happens so why not enjoy the trolling for what's it's worth? Here's a trailer that should get fanboys worked up in all the right ways.


  1. Why are you so sure Marvel won't do a reboot? I've noticed you saying this over at CBR too.

    1. I've sat in on the Marvel Panels at the Baltimore Comic Con. Everyone I talked to was pretty unambiguous. There will be no reboot. Marvel will gladly relaunch every title. But they won't reboot them. They really don't need to.