Friday, November 28, 2014

X-men Supreme Issue #109: Civilization No Longer Lost Part 4 PREVIEW!

In every great struggle, victory comes at a price. There have been many struggles throughout the history of the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. Few of these struggles would qualify as total victories where the X-men won the day and nobody suffered any ill-effects. This kind of victory is rare for the X-men in the same way it’s rare for everybody. Most of the time, collateral damage is unavoidable. The X-men have certainly endured more than their share. Friends have had their lives ruined, painful secrets have been revealed, and trust among friends has been undermined. This says nothing about the kind of damage the public at large incurs whenever someone like Magneto threatens the world. Now, the world of X-men Supreme is facing a threat that promises to do all kinds of damage and stopping it will most certainly come at a price.

Since I introduced them in this fanfiction series, Sinister and Selene have developed a unique, and at times disturbing relationship. Alone, they are dangerous enough. They’re both very cunning and deceitful, capable of outwitting the X-men and anyone who dares get in their way. One operates using magic. The other operates using science. But with their combined talents, they can do a lot more than just outsmart their enemies. They’re finally thinking bigger. They’ve abducted Colossus’ sister, Illyana. They’ve infiltrated the hidden city of Nova Roma. Now they’re seeking to tap the power within Mount Anton and they’re already several steps ahead of the X-men. They’ve already done plenty of damage to Nova Roma, but the damage they’re capable of inflicting on the world of X-men Supreme is far greater.

This is why the Civilization No Longer Lost arc is so important for X-men Supreme Volume 5: Dark Truths. The damage it incurs and the price of victory will have dire consequences for this fanfiction series. Characters will be profoundly affected. Consequences, both short and long-term, will be severe. It is the first major arc of X-men Supreme Volume 5: Dark Truths and the major arcs that follow will be a direct result of what happens here. The final issue of this arc is vital in terms of establishing context and precedent for the future of this fanfiction series. As such, I’ve prepared an extended preview for what can be expected in the epic conclusion of this critical arc.

“Please tell me Selene is exaggerating,” said Vulcan, “There must be a way to shut that portal down!”

“There isn’t,” said the Goblin Queen flatly, “Power like the Blood Stone can either be unleashed or contained. It can’t be shut down.”

“In other words we’re all screwed?”

“Literally, figuratively, and mystically,” she affirmed.

While the Marauders dreaded the growing chaos, Wolverine met up with Phoenix who was now free from her cousin’s Goblin attack. Together, they helped Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, and Colossus. The Russian mutant was still paralyzed from the disk Sinister put on his forehead earlier and Nightcrawler was still dazed after the Pandora Collector blew up in his hand. They helped them get moving again so they could meet up with the rest of the X-men, who also had their share of injuries. Cyclops needed help to get back on his feet and Psylocke had to help both Storm and Gambit pull out some of Riptide’s boney spikes. They were in no condition to continue fighting, but fighting didn’t seem necessary at this point.

“Good heavens!” gasped Storm as she looked up at the column of light.

“Selene really done messed up this time,” groaned Gambit.

“Kurt, you’re the magic expert here. Exactly how screwed are we?” asked Psylocke.

“More zhan I care to measure,” said Nightcrawler as he tried to make sense of what he was seeing.

“So what do we do?” exclaimed Rogue, “Cyclops, if you’ve got a Plan B, now would be the time to use it.”

“Sorry Rogue, but I’m a little concussed and at a hell of a loss here,” groaned Cyclops, who was leaning on her for support, “What about the Phoenix Force? Can she pull us out of this?”

“A fully powered Phoenix Force could,” said Phoenix as she looked up at the column of light, “But in her current state…”

“I regret to say I’m equally powerless. My embers are too small and my knowledge too limited. There’s nothing the power of the cosmos can do.”

The X-men were in even worse shape than they thought. There was no contingency plan or new battle tactic. They were standing face to face with total destruction and there was no way to stop it.

“So the world is gonna end by magic, eh?” said Wolverine, “And me without a bottle of Jack Daniels.”

“At this point we’ll need more than the forces of nature to stop it,” dreaded Storm.

“Ah’m with Logan. Ah prefer the Jack Daniels and a cigarette,” muttered Rogue.

“Come on, you guys! We can’t just assume this is over,” said Shadowcat, still struggling to get the disk off Colossus’s forehead, “There has to be some other way. This is magic for crying out loud! The impossible isn’t supposed to apply here.”

“It has nothing to do vith vhat’s impossible, Kitty,” said Nightcrawler, looking increasingly distressed, “Zhere is no vay to stop something like zhis vithout…”

The German mutant’s words unexpectedly trailed off. Now he didn’t just look distressed. He looked sick. He clutched his head and keeled over, nearly falling flat on his back before Wolverine and Phoenix caught him.

“Without what?” exclaimed Phoenix.

“Come on, Elf! Now ain’t the time to have a seizure,” grunted Wolverine.

“It…it’s not possible,” he said distantly.

“Dang, the poor homme sounds like he just ate some bad gumbo,” said Gambit.

“Nien. It’s Amanda! She…”

Before Nightcrawler could explain, the X-men were surprised by another mysterious burst of light. It appeared right in front of Nightcrawler and took the form of a green mist. It swirled and glowed in a series of distinct patterns. These patterns were shaped and reshaped by unseen forces until they took the distinct form of Amanda Sefton.

“Whoa…now I know I’m concussed,” said Cyclops in a daze.

“Kurt…mind explaining?” exclaimed Rogue.

“I…I zhink it’s Amanda. Vell…her spirit anyways,” said Nightcrawler in a daze.

“Your mystical knowledge is a bit rusty, Kurt,” said the glowing figure, “Astral projection is a trick every mystic learns before they hit puberty. Sometimes it’s difficult when your body is in a coma. It’s more difficult NOT to attain when you feel your loved ones in danger.”

Nightcrawler’s distress turned to relief. He could literally feel her love through her spirit. He reached out to touch her glowing form, feeling a powerful warmth from her presence. The rest of the X-men were too shocked to be comforted. They were still trying to make sense of Selene’s now defunct ritual.

“Mutants, aliens, and now ghosts…I think it’s safe to say I’ve seen everything,” said Psylocke.

“You’ll get to see a lot more, X-men. As someone who was born in the shadow of this mountain, I can feel the chaos erupting within. Selene was brazen in her efforts to usurp its power. She thinks she understands it, but her ego is more extensive than her knowledge.”

“So…there is a way to stop this?” asked Storm.

“That depends. You see, there is a step in this ritual that you didn’t witness. It involved Illyana Rasputin and her talents for transporting herself in and out of mystical realms.”

The mention of Illyana roused Colossus, who had been fighting off Sinister’s paralysis. Shadowcat had just managed to loosen it enough with her phasing powers. A fresh burst of strength from the Russian mutant was enough to cripple it and renew his mobility.

“Illyana? You know where she is?” he exclaimed.

“Yes, and I know she’s okay…in a manner of speaking.”

“Even if you are a spirit, I’m not liking your choice of words,” said Shadowcat.

“She’s still alive, but her state is dire. Selene used a spell that locked her between realms. In doing so she created a rip that allows the power within Mount Anton to erupt. This is what is fueling Selene’s ritual. If it were to be cut off, then the ritual will burn out.”

“So if ve rescue Illyana, Selene’s ritual vill end and Nova Roma vill be saved?” Nightcrawler surmised.

“Precisely! I can feel her presence at the summit of the mountain. She can still be reached and I can help you.”

Each event, the damage it does, and the price paid for victory help the X-men Supreme fanfiction series evolve. Every major arc leads to another and the effects have subtle and not-so-subtle influences on the world of X-men Supreme at large. It’s been a challenge developing this world, but one I put a great deal of effort into making awesome. For that reason, it’s very important that I get feedback to ensure that it’s as awesome as it can be. I don’t know I’m doing something wrong unless someone tells me. So please, take the time to submit feedback. Either post it in an issue or contact me directly. I’m always happy to chat X-men or comics in general. Until next time, take care and best wishes. Excelsior!



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