Saturday, December 6, 2014

Isle of Eros: A Super-Sexy Superman/Wonder Woman Fic

The holidays are a wonderful time. Food, gifts, family, football, and a level of commercialism that makes hippies shit themselves...what could be better? Well, I think I have a way to make it more awesome. Every holiday, I get a little extra time in between feasts and booze. I often try to use that time to do a little side-project in addition to X-men Supreme and whatever I'm working on. This year is no exception. And thanks to the response I've gotten from "Strangers In Paradise," I've chosen to use the holidays to give Superman/Wonder Woman fans a reason to be festive.

There's no doubt that Superman and Wonder Woman have a lot of sex appeal. And the recent events in the New 52 have helped turn them into DC's premier romance. While I might get overly crude and crass on this blog, I am a romantic at heart. I believe the world is more awesome when love is celebrated and right now, the love between Superman and Wonder Woman is among the greatest in comics. But let's face it, DC can only do so much with that love story. Their overlords at Warner Brothers and the ghosts of uptight puritans won't allow them to get too sexy. That's where my drunken ass comes in.

Superman and Wonder Woman are among the greatest heroes in the history of comics. If anyone deserves a chance to get away from it all and just share some fun, sexy private time, it's these two. And that's exactly what I've given them here in this fic. It's a very simple story. It's just one chapter. There's no huge conflict. It's just two people in love getting a little frisky. There is still plenty of emotional depth, but I try to make it both fun and awesome. So here it is, folks. For all you Superman/Wonder Woman fans out there, this is my gift to you.

This story gave me a chance to explore the intimacy between Superman and Wonder Woman in a very powerful way. With the drama in "Strangers In Paradise" escalating, expect more intimacy to come, among other things. Nuff said!

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