Monday, December 8, 2014

Strangers In Paradise Chapter 7: Divine Tools is LIVE!

I've been busy man this past weekend and not just with respect to exercising my liver. Over the Thanksgiving holiday in between hangovers, I crafted a quick one-shot story involving Superman and Wonder Woman called Isle of Eros. It was a fun, sexy little side-project that helped me explore other aspects of writing Superman/Wonder Woman stories. But rest assured, I haven't forgotten about Strangers In Paradise. And shortly after I posted my sexy little side-project, I completed the latest chapter.

This is a chapter I think should soak the panties of Superman/Wonder Woman fans of all kinds. I've been building towards this chapter for a while now. First, Clark and Diana came together in their youth and forged a connection. Then, they were torn apart by circumstances they could not control. Now, new circumstances are about to bring them together again. Expect plenty of emotions and plenty of powerful moments that will profoundly affect the course of their lives moving forward. It'll also set the stage for the next act of this story, which should soak the panties of fans for an entirely different reason.

The support I've gotten for this story has been amazing. I've had a lot of fun writing it and I hope to continue making it more awesome. I also hope it inspires more sexy side-projects, but I'm content to take things one step and one chapter at a time. Nuff said!

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