Monday, April 13, 2015

Strangers In Paradise Chapter 12: Family Ties is LIVE!

I know I've probably said it before on this blog. I might have even gone on a couple of drunken rants that I can't remember. But I'm fucking sick of love triangles. I'd like to publicly state to every TV show, comic book publisher, and movie that love triangles have been done to death, so much so that they might as well fuck the corpse. There have been so many bullshit love triangles in comics that I'd prefer a bad hangover to reading about another one at this point. It already ruined the X-men movies and nearly every 90s sitcom. We don't need it ruining anything else.

I say this because when I started writing "Strangers In Paradise," I committed to avoiding having a love triangle between Superman, Lois Lane, and Wonder Woman. A story like that is like a carwash that runs on elephant piss. Nobody can go through it without smelling afterwards. That's why I made sure that there would be no love triangle here. Lois Lane has someone else she's in love with. This means Clark and Diana can pursue their relationship in peace and focus on more pressing issues, like planning romantic nights on the surface of the moon or testing the bed springs at the Fortress of Solitude. Their relationship has already started to mature and I don't need a damn love triangle to set it back. They're about to have enough problems on their hands.

This is how the second part of "Strangers In Paradise" will unfold. It took six years for Clark and Diana to come together again. Now their relationship is going to be tested in a big way. They've got the Olympians, the Amazons, and Lex Luthor working against them, plotting all sorts of ways to screw them over. It's going to test their love and their trust for one another in ways no love triangle ever could. And it begins with this chapter.

Part of that process involves Lois Lane taking on a different role. She's not going to be Superman's love interest. She's not going to be Wonder Woman's rival either. She's going to be something else entirely. Lois doesn't need to be Superman's love interest/damsel to be interesting. I'm a firm believer that she can be awesome on her own accord and that's exactly what I hope to accomplish with this chapter and future chapters, among other things.

So if you're reading this story hoping to see Diana clash with Lois, I'm sorry to disappoint. You'll have to look elsewhere for that shit. There's a time and a place for Wonder Woman and Lois Lane to clash, but it's not going to be in this story. This story is going to focus mostly on Superman and Wonder Woman building a relationship in the midst of a fuckton of new challenges. If you're interested in that, then I think you'll have a smile on your face and a boner in your pants. Nuff said!

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