Friday, June 5, 2015

X-men Supreme Issue 122: Dark Legacy Part 2 is LIVE!

When a big storm hits, the initial onslaught does the most damage. Every enemy the X-men face has to make their first punch count. In the early days of the X-men Supreme fanfiction series, Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants made it count when they bested the X-men on their first encounter. Enemies like Weapon X made it count as well, but were unable to do enough damage to prevent their defeat. Time and again, the X-men have been knocked down hard. They’ve been on the ropes with events like Overlord and the Cambrian Explosion. However, they’ve never been hit this hard.

Sinister’s first blow was devastating on a level that the X-men never could’ve anticipated. The initial onslaught of the storm was released in the first issue of Dark Legacy, but the damage is still unfolding. The scope and scale of Sinister’s most devious creation, the Legacy Virus, is still emerging. The X-men have already felt some of the effects. Shadowcat, Psylocke, and Beast were infected in the aftermath of their defeat. They are now suffering the debilitating symptoms of the Legacy Virus. The damage to the X-men has been done, but it isn’t just the X-men who will suffer.

Sinister didn’t release the Legacy Virus just to hurt the X-men. His vision is much bigger. It’s a vision that has been unfolding in many ways since he first made his presence known in Sinister Intent. His vision has not always been clear. He’s been very careful to keep his agenda and his plans secret. But after losing Selene in the Civilization No Longer Lost arc, he no longer cares about being careful. He’s ready to unleash the Legacy Virus all over the world. The true nature of his plan has yet to be revealed, but the damage is about to become painfully apparent.

The Dark Legacy arc is about to enter the worst part of the initial onslaught in this storm. The X-men usually go out of their way to make sure that their activities and those of their enemies do not affect the rest of the world. In X-men Supreme and in the comics, they usually place a high priority on not letting innocent humans get hurt. But this time, the X-men have failed. Innocent humans and innocent mutants are going to suffer this time. The extent of that suffering will be at the center of this storm as it unfolds in the next issue of the Dark Legacy arc.

X-men Supreme Issue 122: Dark Legacy Part 2

This fanfiction series is entering a dark yet fragile time. The world of X-men Supreme is changing radically. The mission of the X-men and the world they’re trying to protect will not be the same at the conclusion of this arc. The world that emerges will be the foundation for the future of the X-men Supreme fanfiction series, if there is one. However, I’m still not sure how far that future will go. I’ve been disappointed by the lack of feedback lately. I know the scope and scale of X-men Supreme has gotten so big that it’s hard to keep up at times. But I’m working long and hard to make sure it’s still awesome and accessible. And I can’t succeed if people don’t take the time to provide me feedback. Either contact me directly or post your comments directly in the issue. Either way is fine and I’m always happy to chat. Until next time, take care and best wishes. Excelsior!


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