Friday, April 22, 2016

X-men Supreme Issue 134: Natural Disorder Part 3 is LIVE!

The end of every major arc in X-men Supreme usually means major upheavals and Natural Disorder is no exception. It’s already happened multiple times in this fanfiction series. We saw it unfold after the Uprising arc when Magneto went to prison. We saw it in the Overlord arc when Magneto became ruler of Genosha. We saw it after the Dark Legacy arc when Sinister’s plot with the Legacy Virus left 300 million people dead within the span of a week. This fanfiction series goes through all sorts of shifts and unlike the comics, they aren’t restricted to sterilization plots.

The conflict in Natural Disorder is unlike anything the X-men have faced thus far in X-men Supreme. The Mutant Liberation Front, as led by Magneto’s old henchman Toad, isn’t out to destroy humanity directly. They favor the indirect approach, destroying the foundation on which the human race is built and allowing natural selection to do the rest. They demonstrate more tact and cunning compared to the likes of Magneto or Sinister. They’ve even managed to convince others, including the Brotherhood’s own Avalanche, to join them. While their methods are cunning, the X-men can be just as tricky.

They had to be, given the result of their first encounter with the Mutant Liberation Front. In X-men Supreme Issue 127: Terror Sell, the X-men suffered a humiliating defeat. On top of that, they learned that Professor Charles Xavier had been keeping another unpleasant secret in the form of an addiction to pain pills. This secret forced him to step down from the Xavier Institute, forcing the X-men to function without him. Now, in his first real test as Operations Commander, Cyclops led the X-men in the attack against the Mutant Liberation Front. The outcome will forever change the landscape of this fanfiction series.

The fallout began to unfold at the end of X-men Supreme Issue 132: Natural Disorder Part 2. The X-men successfully stopped the Mutant Liberation Front from crippling the entire human race with Magneto’s old amplification machine. However, their efforts now threaten to cripple both humanity, mutants, and every living thing on the planet, starting with Polaris. After being abducted by the Mutant Liberation Front, she is now the engine driving this machine. She is also the key to stopping it. But doing so will come at a price, one that will be felt both within the X-men and for many others.

I usually save major shifts like this for the end of a major volume. That’s what I did with Uprising, Overlord, and Dark Legacy. However, I’m taking a different approach in X-men Supreme Volume 6: Liberation Decimation. This major shift is not the end of this volume of X-men Supreme. It’s only a major upheaval. There are still plenty more to come, but they all start with the stunning conclusion of the Natural Disorder arc.

X-men Supreme Issue 134: Natural Disorder Part 3

The end of this arc will bring many changes and new challenges to the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. Change and upheaval are the fuel with which X-men has evolved over the past half-century. Great conflicts bring out the best and worst of these characters. It’s my intention to ensure that only the best shows with X-men. To do that, it’s incredibly important that readers continue to provide feedback for this. The more I get, the more I can ensure that X-men Supreme is as awesome as can be. Either post your comments directly in the issue or contact me directly. Until next time, take care and best wishes. Excelsior!



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