Monday, July 11, 2016

Sexy Side-Project: Havok and X-23's One-Night Stand

It’s the middle of summer. It’s hot. It’s humid. We all feel sweaty and sticky after just a minute outside and parked cars might as well be ovens. In other words, it’s the perfect time of year for another sexy side-project!

I’m still forging ahead with X-men Supreme. I’m preparing the X-men for a cosmic arc that will offer a badly needed reprieve from the doom and gloom of the X-men comics right now. However, while cosmic stories are plenty fun, there’s still room for something sexy on the side. When it’s this hot and muggy out, why not throw a little something sexy into the mix?

Once again, I’m adding in some uncut material to the world of X-men Supreme. I’ve already explored plenty of “unrated” moments between couples like Cyclops/Phoenix, Wolverine/Storm, and Iceman/Kitty Pryde (which I wrote before Iceman came out as gay in the comics, mind you). However, the moment I chose for this story isn’t between an established romance. It’s not even between a couple that have dated or had a meaningful interaction in X-men Supreme to date. Instead, this story is about a single, one-night stand between two characters who have played major roles in this fanfiction series to date. These are two characters who don’t have much of a fan base and will never hook up in the comics, but here in X-men Supreme, they can have one sexy night together.

Those two characters in question are Havok and X-23. Yes, I’m talking about these two.

Why them? Well, ignoring for a moment that you don’t need many reasons for a one-night stand, these are two characters who walked a similar path in X-men Supreme. They’re both runaways who lived on the streets for a while. They’re both fighters and survivors of harsh circumstances. They’ve both endured heavy losses and hardships, albeit in different ways. They’ve both had major impacts on X-men Supreme at some point. For that reason, along with the added incentive of being young and horny, I think they’re perfect for a one-night stand.

This hidden moment within the vast sea that is X-men Supreme occurs before Havok encountered the X-men and before X-23 encountered Wolverine the first time. Specifically, it takes place shortly before the District X arc. It unfolds over the course of a single night and for all intents and purposes, it may be the most meaningful interaction that Havok and X-23 have. Both will be showing up in X-men Supreme in other stories. However, this moment is theirs to share.

In the middle of summer, I like to think my sexy side projects supplement the heat in all the right ways. I have more in the works. They’re still pending. When I’m ready to post them, I’ll make an announcement. When I’m close to finishing, I’ll drop a few hints on Twitter. In the meantime, I hope you all enjoy this. Stay cool in the summer heat, but stay sexy as hell. Nuff said!

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