Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Broken Legacy Chapter 7: Blind Injustice is LIVE!

Maybe it's just the romantic in me, but I believe every romance has a defining moment of sorts. Sometimes it comes before a couple gets together. Sometimes it comes after several decades of marriage. Sometimes it comes on a Sunday afternoon during a football halftime show. It's hard to really quantify, but these are the moments that make a romance powerful. So why should that be any different for DC's resident Power Couple?

DC's Rebirth event may have horribly undermined Superman/Wonder Woman in the most contrived way possible without the aid of powerful hallucinogens, but there's no question that they shared plenty of moments. From that magical moment in Justice League #12 to the end of Charles Soule's first arc in the criminally underrated Superman/Wonder Woman series, this romance had more moments than every season of Friends and Two and a Half Men combined. It gave DC's Power Couple plenty of power. Now, I hope to create a moment like that in "Broken Legacy."

As I've said before, this series is not on the same level as my first Superman/Wonder Woman story, "Strangers In Paradise." I never intended it to be. It also doesn't help that as I'm writing this story, DC Rebirth is delivering a heavy gut punch in a dozen nut shots to the Superman/Wonder Woman romance. It makes getting motivated on this story pretty difficult. As such, it will be my last Superman/Wonder Woman story for the foreseeable future. That can always change, but for now, I'm going to treat "Broken Legacy" as my last Superman/Wonder Woman story in the near-term.

That means I have to take these last two chapters and make them extra awesome. I've already set the stage for the final showdown between Superman and Tyr-El. It's a showdown that has a lot of emotional stakes. Wonder Woman is part of it now as well since Try-El got the Amazons involved. Just like in "Strangers In Paradise," this is a battle that Superman and Wonder Woman can't win on their own. They can only win it together. It sets the stage for one of those powerful moments that Superman/Wonder Woman fans sorely need at a time like this. I hope this story can provide it.

The future may look bleak for Superman/Wonder Woman in the comics. This may be a romance that DC will table indefinitely as they try to make their comics line up with the themes of their upcoming movies. Despite the best efforts of Rotten Tomatoes, DC and WB will try to capture the most classic elements of their heroes. Sadly, that doesn't leave a lot of room for Superman/Wonder Woman. I hope that my contributions through this and my other stories can help fill that void. Until then, I'll focus on making the final chapter of "Broken Legacy" as awesome and heartfelt as it can be.

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