Friday, August 26, 2016

X-men Supreme Issue #140: Outer Limits Part 4 is LIVE!

As mutants, the X-men are a product of evolution. Being a product of evolution means adapting to new conditions. The X-men Supreme fanfiction series has forced them to adapt in a great many ways to say the least. First, they had to adapt to their identities being revealed to the public. Later, they adapted to an uprising on Genosha that created the first mutant nation. After that, they had to adapt to Magneto taking over Genosha, only to be driven mad by the Cambrian. The world of X-men Supreme is constantly changing, bringing new challenges and hardships. With Outer Limits, the X-men’s ability to adapt will be pushed even further.

This process began in X-men Supreme Issue 46: Paradise Mystery. It took a major step when Jean Grey gained the power of the Phoenix Force during the Phoenix Saga. Then, the stage was set after the Starcrossed arc when Lilandra Neramani learned of her alien heritage and took on a bold new role as leader of the rebellion against her tyrannical half-brother, D’ken. The cosmic elements of X-men Supreme push the X-men to adapt in some very profound ways. Now that they’re ready to attack D’ken, they can only hope that these ways are sufficient.

That said, not every aspect of this cosmic conflict is a daunting challenge. During the course of the Outer Limits arc, an ailing Charles Xavier caught up with his X-men once more. When this arc began, he was still recovering from a crippling addiction to pain pills that nearly got his X-men killed during their first battle against the Mutant Liberation Front. Now, thanks to Shi’ar technology, he is completely healed and can walk again. Make no mistake. This is a big change for the X-men and it will have lasting implications for X-men Supreme.

Throughout the history of the X-men comics, Charles Xavier’s paralysis has been a plot in constant flux. His physical limitations have historically been a big part of the X-men mythos. In recent years, that component fell to the wayside as he regained the use of his legs. For the past decade or so, his paralysis has become somewhat of an afterthought, even after his death. I always felt that this concept warranted greater exploration. So I intend to make a much bigger deal of it in the X-men Supreme fanfiction series.

However, before Charles Xavier and the X-men can confront these challenges, they must first confront D’ken. It won’t make a difference if Xavier can use his legs again if D’ken is able to tap the power of the M’krann Crystal. His intentions are as bold as they are horrific. He wants to manipulate the minds of every sentient creature in the universe and he’s willing to inflict unspeakable suffering on his own people in order to achieve this. As it stands, the X-men, Lilandra, the Starjammers, and their Shi’ar allies are their only hope of stopping him.

The time has come for the X-men to confront the tyrant that has plagued the Shi’ar for so long. Nothing less than every mind in the universe is at stake. It is as daunting a challenge as the X-men have ever faced. It is, without a doubt, the most important battle the X-men have faced to date in X-men Supreme. This is a battle that X-men fans will not want to miss. Expect a battle like no other as the X-men fight to save the collective minds of a universe.

X-men Supreme Issue 140: Outer Limits Part 4

This kind of cosmic battle brings out the best in X-men. It also presents unique challenges for X-men Supreme. The sci-fi elements of X-men require a different approach compared to those that focus on the human/mutant conflict. It’s a challenge, finding the right balance between all these elements. I want this fanfiction series to capture everything that makes the X-men mythos so awesome. That’s why it’s so vital that I continue to get feedback on my work. I know I say this with every issue, but I mean every word of it. The feedback I get helps make X-men Supreme more awesome. Either post your comments in the issue or contact me directly. I’m always happy to chat. Until next time, take care and best wishes. Excelsior!


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