Friday, November 4, 2016

The Red Queen Chapter 3: Perks and Proclivities is LIVE!

Whenever I write one of my sexy side-projects, I do so knowing it’s only going to appeal to a certain segment of my audience. I’ve been on the internet long enough to know that no matter how much it advances, there will be an inclination for some to seek out the sexier material it harbors in such great quantities. My sexy side-projects are just tiny contributions that I don’t expect to have much impact. That makes the response to The New Red Queen all the more remarkable.

I said it during the last update. It’s worth saying again. I’ve been downright shocked at the positive response I’ve gotten from this series. I know I shouldn’t be on some levels. Mary Jane Watson is one of those characters who has a special kind of sex appeal. How can she not? She looks like this, remember?

Yes, I know most people know what she looks like. I know the internet has any number of pictures that have her showing off the glorious assets that generations of Spider-Man writers have given her. I just can’t pass up an excuse to post sexy pictures of her. I will not apologize for that.

I also won’t apologize for making this latest entry of The New Red Queen extra sexy. I’ve found that within the unexpected feedback I’ve gotten, there’s a strong demand for Mary Jane Watson to channel her inherent sexy talents. Again, I shouldn’t be surprised by this in the slightest. Even so, it gives me all the more incentive to make this story as awesome as it deserves to be. This next chapter should satisfy some very particular demands that some readers have requested. When you read it, you’ll know who you are. Enjoy!

I don’t know if the response I’ve gotten with this story will continue. I hope it’s still as positive as it has been thus far. I mean it when I say I didn’t expect such a great response. As a result, I am already considering additional expansions of this series, which would put Mary Jane Watson in even more sexy situations. If that’s what people want, who am I to deny them? If there’s something you want to see, let me know! I’m always open for more inspiration, especially the sexy kind.

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