Friday, December 16, 2016

The New Red Queen Chapter 5: Crowning Achievement is LIVE!

We’re almost there! I’ve been building it up. I’ve been exceedingly thorough with the foreplay. Now, it’s time for the final climax, the grand finale, and whatever other sexy metaphor your inner 13-year-old comes up with. The culmination of yet another sexy side project is finally here. After this, I imagine everyone is going to need a cold shower, a bag of ice, and an economics lecture by Ben Stein to cool down.

I’ve had a lot of fun telling this story, “The New Red Queen.” There’s just something about a sexy side-project involving Mary Jane Watson that’s inherently awesome. She’s a great character who also happens to be sexy as hell. I built a new persona in “Spider-Man and the Prostitute” and I expanded that persona here in “The New Red Queen.” I like to think I’ve laid the foundation for more sexiness down the line. For now, though, I’m content to cap it off in the most satisfying way possible.

The stage is already set. Peter Parker has both Mary Jane Watson and Emma Frost ready, eager, and horny as hell to celebrate this new phase for each of them. Mary Jane Watson is now poised to become the new Red Queen of the Hellfire Club. Now, she’ll have a chance to channel her sexiness through a powerful organization fueled by it. I couldn’t think of a better job for Mary Jane that didn’t involve push-up bras.

What will this mean for her? What will this mean for Spider-Man? What will it mean for Emma Frost in the Hellfire Club? That’s all about to come together, both literally and figuratively. Yes, that’s as immature as it sounds, but it’s also entirely appropriate for a story like this. It involves Mary Jane Watson maximizing her sex appeal with Emma Frost doing her part as well. How can it be anything else besides sexy as hell?

This is the last chapter in this particular story. For now, it’s the capstone on the story I began with “Spider-Man and the Prostitute.” However, the overwhelmingly positive response I’ve gotten for this story has given me more than a few ideas. I haven’t finalized those ideas, but I’m definitely interested in pursuing them. Do you want to see more from this series? Do you want to see more of an overtly sexy Mary Jane Watson as she runs the Hellfire Club? Maybe that’s a loaded question.

Whatever your sentiment, please let me know. Please take the time to review and send feedback. I’m always happy to hear from readers. This is a series that can definitely expand. Want to see Mary Jane Watson service other superheroes? Let me know! Share some ideas! The world can always use more of Mary Jane Watson’s sexiness. This story is just part of my contribution. Enjoy!

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