Friday, July 7, 2017

The Red Queen Chronicles: The Alien is LIVE!

Some concepts have a special, but understated sex appeal. When it comes to characters like Mary Jane Watson, there aren't too many things she can't make sexy. That said, there are certain concepts that are very popular among fans, but somewhat taboo in the comics. You'll see all sorts of fan art and fan fiction about it, but you'll never see it in the comics, at least not to its sexy extreme.

Like it or not, Marvel is owned by Disney and Disney built its billions on creating things that don't horrify and/or titillate anxious parents who don't want their children to know that sexy things exist in this world. They'll never craft the kinds of stories I've told with Mary Jane in my "Red Queen" mini-series.

I understand this. I hope readers understand this as well. That gives me all the more reason to make sure that my "Red Queen Chronicles" stories are as sexy as possible. I like to think I've already accomplished plenty by getting the X-men and Black Widow involved. Now, it's time to get the most obvious and overdue character involved. For Mary Jane Watson, that means getting a sexy visit from Venom.

If you've scoured message boards with loose moderators or browsed any kind of PG-13 fan art, you know as well as I do that Mary Jane Watson and Venom are a popular pairing. There's just something inherently sexy about Mary Jane getting some action from a malleable alien. Given the fanbase surrounding anime porn and sexy redheads, it's as close to a perfect match you'll get without involving Emma Frost's tits.

At some point, my "Red Queen Chronicles" stories were going to get Venom involved. It should've happened sooner, but it's happening now. It's just a simple one-shot, but should maximize the sexy potential of Mary Jane and Venom as only these stories can. Enjoy!

Again, I encourage everyone to take the time to provide reviews of these stories. I've been quite surprised by how well these stories have been received, but maybe I shouldn't be, given the inherent appeal Mary Jane's sexiness tends to attract. I'm not entirely sure of which direction I'll take this series if it continues. I do have some ideas, but whether or not I'll pursue these ideas depends on the feedback I get. If you have other ideas for more sexy stories involving Mary Jane/The Red Queen, please share them. With someone like Mary Jane, there's always potential for greater sexiness.

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