Friday, July 28, 2017

Sexy Side-Project Preview: The Red Queen Chronicles: The Surprise

I know this is usually when I announce the release of my new sexy side-project, complete with all the immature innuendo of every high school locker room in the western hemisphere. Make no mistake, I am still hard at work on those sexy side-projects. I have more than one in the works and I've every intention of completing them in as sexy a manner as possible. Sometimes, though, it's hard to pump them out regularly. Perhaps that wasn't a good choice of words, but you get the idea.

As I write this, I do have another sexy side-project in the works. It's yet another spin-off from my Red Queen Chronicles series. I feel as though the response I got from "The Red Queen Chronicles: The Alien," this sexy world is worth expanding and I'll continue to do so. I was hoping to be ready with the next entry today. Unfortunately, time just moves too damn fast.

I will announce, though, the contents of that story. It involves a pairing I feel is extremely underrated in Spider-Man and Carol Danvers. Granted, the love of Spider-Man and Mary Jane will always be iconic, no matter what the Mephistos of the world say, but there's something uniquely appealing about these two. They did have a few dates in the comics, but as far as I can tell, they've never seen each other naked. That's going to change with the Red Queen Chronicles.

That's why I'm proud to announce that the next story in this series will be called "The Red Queen Chronicles: The Surprise." In it, Captain Marvel enjoys a very special birthday celebration that Spider-Man makes even more special in exactly the way you're thinking.

Again, I'd hoped to complete the story by now. However, it ended up being longer than I expected and I was unable to finish it. I also ended up revising parts of it to ensure sufficient sexiness. So for now, the best I can do is this sexy preview.

‘Oh my God! Am I actually horny for Spider-Man? Of all the attractive men I work with – including freakin’ gods, for crying out loud – is Spider-Man the one that gets me wet? Or has it just been too damn long since I’ve been laid?’

She felt another shiver course down her spine, but for a very different reason. That feeling soon found its way to her lower body, triggering an arousal she hadn’t let herself feel in a long time. Captain Marvel would’ve found a way to repress it. However, Captain Marvel was taking a breather. For the rest of the night, Carol Danvers would take over.

“Tell me something, Spider-Man…are there any other reasons Mary Jane is so fond of you?” she asked, now with a hint of seduction in her tone.

“Um…you’ll have to ask her,” said Spider-Man with an awkwardness befitting of his immaturity.

“Actually, I’d rather find out for myself,” she told him. “Everyone else tonight has been letting go, loosening up, and doing something crazy. Maybe it’s time I do the same.”

To prove how serious she was, she scooted in closer and draped her legs over his lap. She also let go of his hand and caress the shrouded outline of his face, feeling through the mask to reach the man inside…a man she now found herself wanting.

‘Fuck it. It’s my birthday. I’m getting some tonight. If Spider-Man’s the one who’s gonna give to me…so be it.’

I know it's not much, but I hope it tides everyone over until the story is complete. While X-men Supreme still has priority, rest assured this story will be complete. When it's ready, I will post it. I hope it's worth the wait. Until then, take care and let this sexy image of Carol Danvers tantalize your dreams in the meantime.

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  1. I'm so glad you are doing this, Carol really dosn't get much smut for some reason and the preview of it has gotten me even excited for it.

    My 2 cents worth for what i hope to see in it: Jessica Drew getting some love, a Peter/MJ/Carol threesome, and Carol or somebody getting DP'd.

    But im cool with however you decide to write the story and look forward to the final product.

    Have a great weekend!