Friday, August 11, 2017

X-men Supreme Issue 155: Drug War Part 1 is LIVE!

At this point in X-men Supreme Volume 7: United and Divided, it would be redundant for me to say that a storm is brewing. I think it’s safe to say that the storm has already arrived on the shores of this fanfiction series. The winds are picking up, the skies are getting darker, and it has nothing to do with Storm being in a bad mood. The warnings I established in X-men Supreme Issue 149: Law Abiding Bind are not just warnings anymore. The danger is here and the X-men being divided is not going to help.

In Volatility Sensibility, the first arc of X-men Supreme Volume 7: United and Divided, we saw how much Charles Xavier and his X-men struggled. Cyclops and Wolverine are no longer with the team. Instead, the X-men had to be led by Captain Jack Freeman, with whom they’ve had a tenuous relationship since his introduction into this fanfiction series back in X-men Supreme Issue 75: Renegade. Unfortunately, he’s the only one that General Grimshaw trusts enough to lead the X-men. He’s a soldier, a Green Beret, and a mutant. However, he’s no X-men and it showed in their inability to deal with Nitro.

Now, with that less-than-successful effort still fresh in their memories, the X-men face a much greater threat. Sebastian Shaw has already done plenty to make his presence felt in this fanfiction series, going all the way back to the Phoenix Saga. Since his return at the end of the Dark Legacy arc, he’s been hard at work plotting his return to prominence. Even after being stabbed by Wolverine, the former Black King’s ambitions are still as big as ever.

The X-men, as well as their rivals in X-Force, already got a taste of what Shaw has been up to since his return. Like any ruthless businessman, he’s looking to exploit the impact that the Mutant Monitoring Initiative has had on the world of X-men Supreme. It doesn’t take the mind of Charles Xavier to see how much danger a man like Shaw can cause. Thanks to the efforts of X-Factor, they now know that he’s the one responsible for the appearance of Mutant Growth Hormone, the powerful drug that can turn ordinary mutants like Beak into major threats.

Shaw already has the aid of the granddaughters of Jason Wynegarde, a man who has also caused the X-men plenty of pain throughout this fanfiction series, in maximizing the impact of Mutant Growth Hormone. Considering how much the X-men struggled with Nitro in Volatility Sensibility, who didn’t even have access to a drug like that, Charles Xavier and his team have plenty to worry about. Their alliance with General Grimshaw and President Kelly is already in a tenuous state. Someone like Shaw could do more than just undermine the Mutant Monitoring Initiative. He could utterly destroy it and so much more.

It’s a storm that promises to do plenty of damage for the X-men, X-Force, and every other mutant in this fanfiction series. I’ve spent the early parts of X-men Supreme Volume 7: United and Divided establishing the challenges that Charles Xavier, General Grimshaw, and President Kelly are facing with the Mutant Monitoring Initiative. The threat posed by Shaw in this arc will be, by far, their greatest challenge to date. There will be damage, as there often is whenever Shaw is involved. The extent of that damage and whether it can be repaired remains to be seen. That’s why it’s safe to say that this arc, Drug War, will shape the course of this fanfiction series for the rest of X-men Supreme Volume 7: United and Divided.

X-men Supreme Issue 155: Drug War Part 1

This second major arc is going to really raise the stakes of X-men Supreme. I know I’ve done plenty of that since this fanfiction series began, but I’ve never done it when the X-men are this divided. X-men fans have seen those kinds of divisions play out in the X-men comics for decades, but they’ve never seen it play out in a fanfiction series like this.

I know a lot of comic book fans, especially X-men fans, are burned out on heroes clashing with heroes. I hope to bring a unique twist to that frustrating trend with X-men Supreme. This latest arc is part of that effort and to ensure it’s as awesome and non-frustrating as possible, I need feedback. I know I say that with every new arc, but it’s more critical now than ever. If I can make X-men Supreme awesome in this current climate of X-men comics, then I know I’ll have achieved something special. Either post your comments directly in the issue or contact me directly. Either way is fine and I’m happy to chat X-men. Until next time, take care and best wishes. Xcelsior!


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