Friday, August 18, 2017

Sexy Side Project: Red Queen Chronicles: The Surprise is LIVE!

If you thought I was done telling sexy stories in my “Red Queen” universe, then I’m NOT sorry to say you’re wrong. Every time I finish a story, it feels like I’ve exhausted the potential. It feels like I’ve extracted enough sexiness from this concept. Then, I remember I’m working with Mary Jane Watson and remember there’s no limit to the sexiness she can bring.

My last story, “The Red Queen Chronicles: The Alien,” was another fun little exercise in exploring Mary Jane’s sexiness. Her sex appeal is so powerful that she could do what Spider-Man could not and that’s subdue Venom. She didn’t need superpowers, science, or some boring shit like that. She just needed raw, unabashed sex appeal. Venom didn’t stand a chance.

Between that and the various other stories I’ve told in the Red Queen universe, I’ve developed quite a few loyal readers. Some come at me with all sorts of suggestions, many of which I couldn’t possible use, but enjoy contemplating. Even with all those ideas, I wasn’t sure whether there was one worth pursuing. Then, I came up with one that I felt I could complete to the high standards that Mary Jane has established.

This one, sadly, will only tap a fraction of Mary Jane’s sexiness. That’s because she won’t be the primary focus of this story. Instead, it’s Carol “Captain Marvel” Danvers who will get to flaunt her sex appeal. Her star has been rising fast in recent years. Between a greater role in the comics and an upcoming movie starring Brie Larson, she’s well on her way to becoming Marvel’s alpha female.

So why shouldn’t she get in on the action? That’s exactly what she’s going to do, with help from the Red Queen, of course. She might as well get laid while she can before she becomes too busy. If you’re okay with Mary Jane sharing some sexiness for the time being, I think you’ll appreciate this. Fans and members of the Carol Corp, I hope you enjoy it!

I know I seem to say this every other week, but I’m still not sure whether I’ll keep building on this series. I can’t help it that writing a sexy Mary Jane Watson is so much fun. I still have ideas I’m toying with. Nothing has been finalized yet, but if that chances, expect plenty more sexiness. Nuff said!

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