Friday, January 5, 2018

X-men Supreme Issue 162: Crimes Against Inhumanity Part 1 is LIVE!

I hope everyone had a supremely awesome New Year. I certainly did and I’m looking forward to making 2018 another awesome leap for the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. Every year, I’ve tried to raise the bar in terms of quality and vision. Given that this fanfiction series has been going on since 2010, that gets more challenging year after year. I think I’m up for it in 2018 and I’m ready to hit the ground running with the biggest arc since the big split that occurred in X-men Supreme Issue 148: New Divide.

I keep referencing that issue for a reason. It’s not just because that’s the issue when Charles Xavier and Cyclops began the bitter dispute that fractured the team between the X-men and X-Force. It’s not just over the fundamental issues that have emerged with Xavier’s effort in pursuing the Mutant Monitoring Initiative, which is still at the heart of the divide. This split is important because by dividing the X-men, the entire world of X-men Supreme is more vulnerable. It really was only a matter of time before someone took advantage of it.

Throughout this fanfiction series, the X-men have struggled to deal with powerful foes, even while at full strength. They barely overcame the Mutant Liberation Front in the Natural Disorder arc and struggled just as much against the ancient Cambrian within the Cambrian Explosion. Now, they’re up against a threat that has been operating behind the scenes since the events of X-men Supreme Volume 5: Dark Truths and even a little bit before that. I’ve been dropping hints, many of which involve Wolverine and Mystique’s mysterious past, and the events of Drug War offered the first major strike.

Most seasoned X-men fans, especially the Wolverine fans, recognized Daken when he showed up in the battle against Sebastian Shaw. As the colorful, albeit devious son of Wolverine, his history in the X-men comics is a complicated, fluid one and not just because of his flexible sexual preferences. Daken is not like his father in that he is willing to cross lines that Wolverine won’t. While I intend to tweak some elements of Daken’s origins in the X-men Supreme fanfiction series, I intend to preserve those critical elements, much of which will reveal themselves in the next arc.

This arc will shake the foundations of the entire mission for the X-men and X-Force. Both Cyclops and Charles Xavier will find their visions tested in ways they never expected. They’ll also learn the hard way that a divided X-men makes for a dangerous world. It’s a hard lesson that the X-men seem to learn every other month in the X-men comics. The X-men Supreme fanfiction series will be no different. Both the nature of the threat and the impact it’ll incur will strike Xavier, the dream, and everything in between.

The arc is entitled Crimes Against Inhumanity. It’s one of those core arcs that will help mark an important turning point in X-men Supreme. Those arcs are a challenge to craft, but make for some of the most satisfying moments in this fanfiction series. From the Phoenix Saga to Overlord to Outer Limits, I put extra effort into making these arcs more awesome and I hope it shows. It starts with this issue and it’s one that I hope X-men fans, especially Wolverine fans, really appreciate.

X-men Supreme Issue 162: Crimes Against Inhumanity Part 1

As always, arcs like this especially important in terms of maintaining the quality of X-men Supreme. In my effort to make 2018 another step forward for this fanfiction series, I want to make Crimes Against Inhumanity an important milestone. This year is already set to be a big year for the X-men with the return of Jean Grey and Wolverine in the comics, as well as the release of three X-men movies. I know X-men Supreme will never have that kind of profile, but I still want to match the effort.

In order to do that, I need to keep getting regular feedback from the wonderful people who have supported X-men Supreme since its inception in 2010. You guys are wonderful and I can’t thank you enough for all your support. I know it has been a long, arduous road for this fanfiction series and it’s only going to get trickier in 2018. I want those challenges to make X-men Supreme more awesome. That’s why it’s vital that I continue to get regular feedback. Either post your comments directly in the issue or contact me directly. Either way is fine and I’m always happy to chat. Until next time, take care and best wishes. Xcelsior!


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