Friday, January 12, 2018

Sexy Side Project Update: Next Story To Be Released In THREE Weeks

I know it's been a while since I announced anything regarding a sexy side-project. Since "The Red Queen Chronicle: The Holidays," I haven't had much to update and there's a good reason for that. It's not just because things tend to get hectic around the holidays. I had the added complication of going through a very tedious move to a new place. It's only within the past week, or so, that I've gotten back to some semblance of normalcy.

As a result, my ability and opportunities to work on sexy side-projects suffered. I actually did have a story in mind that I hoped to post after New Years. I ended up falling behind significantly during my move. As a result, this latest project won't be ready for three weeks. Beyond the time and energy necessary to ensure that this story is up to the same sexy quality as those that came before it, I also had to work overtime just to ensure that X-men Supreme was updated on time.

Now, I hate delays as much as the next guy who'd hoped that Half-Life 3 would be out already. However, I make it a point to ensure that extra time goes to good use. I intend to take next several weeks to complete and refine this next sexy side-project to ensure it's worth waiting for. I won't continue hiding the details either.

This next side-project is actually one I thought about posting last month, but opted for a more holiday-themed story. It still takes place in the world of "The Red Queen." However, it takes a step back to revisit the original catalyst for this whole series that began way back with "Spider-Man and the Prostitute." More specifically, it's going to flesh out the evolving relationship between Spider-Man and Mary Jane in the overtly sexy way that many have come to expect from this series.
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I feel as though this is necessary for the continued progression of the story. A lot of what has happened in the world of "The Red Queen" is because of how Spider-Man and Mary Jane have affected one another in this series. I've spent more time lately on developing some of the other corners of this sexy world, but I can't forget about those who helped create it.

The name of the story will be entitled "The Red Queen Chronicles: The Promise." If you're a Spider-Man/Mary Jane fan in any capacity, this is a story that should keep you warm for the rest of the winter. Even if you're not, it'll cater to others with more kinky tastes in sexy side-projects.

I don't want to give away too much more. I'll just say that this is a story I believe Spider-Man/Mary Jane fans will really appreciate while maximizing their sex appeal. I'll also make clear that I do have other side-projects in mind as well so there are more coming. Rather than risk turning that into a very dirty, albeit fitting joke, I'll just urge everyone to be patient with this latest sexy side-project.

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