Friday, February 2, 2018

Sexy Side-Project: The Red Queen Chronicles: The Promise is LIVE!

It took longer than I wanted. I ended up getting delayed a couple times, once because of having to move and another for just not having enough hours in the day. I know some have been eagerly waiting for it and I'm here to say the wait is finally over. My next sexy side-project is complete and I think the timing is better because it should get everyone in the mood for Valentine's Day.

While I'm not exactly fond of Valentine's Day, I understand it still has some pretty sexy implications. It's a time to celebrate romance, love, and the joys of making it. Some do a better job of it than most. Within the pages of my Red Queen series, I think it's safe to say that Spider-Man and Mary Jane definitely qualify.

They're one of Marvel's most iconic couples for a reason and it's not just because Mary Jane looks damn good in a thong, although that is a factor. No matter what Mephisto may say, their romance is special and I've tried to capture that in this series, despite tweaking some of the circumstances by making Mary Jane a former prostitute.

That doesn't make their love or their connection any less special. I've gone out of my way to highlight that through multiple entries in this series. Sure, some are just fun, sexy explorations into this far kinkier world, but the depth of the Spider-Man/Mary Jane romance remains important. That's exactly what this latest side-project will affirm.

Rest assured, there's still plenty of kink. There's still plenty hot, steamy material that should get everyone's blood flowing, even those who don't care for Valentine's Day. However, it's done in a way that I hope highlights the breadth of this iconic romance. Enjoy!

I hope this helps everyone enjoy Valentine's Day a little bit more this year. I still have plans for other stories, some of which are further along in development than others. I hope to announce more soon, but I promise there's still plenty more to come, literally and figuratively. Nuff said!

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