Friday, March 16, 2018

Sexy Side-Project Announcement: The Red Queen Chronicles: The Leader is LIVE!

There are certain characters who just inherently attract respect, ridicule, admiration, disdain, and sexy women all at once. These are remarkable characters in their own right. They're also great characters for my sexy side-projects. That's exactly why I'm so excited about this latest project, which gives Cyclops a chance to channel his attraction in the sexy world of "The Red Queen Chronicles."

With so many sexy female characters in this series like Mary Jane Watson, Jean Grey, and Emma Frost, it's easy to forget that men can have sex appeal too. Granted, they don't always look as good in a thong, but their sex appeal is still plenty deserving of respect. There's a reason why the X-men comics often have Cyclops attract so many beautiful women. Sure, he can be a boy scout, but he can also be one of those guys who just drives the ladies wild.

It's not just the fact that he's tall, fit, and handsome. It also has nothing to do with how awesome he looks in shades. Cyclops is, at his core, a leader and a fighter. He won't just stand at the front lines of a conflict. He'll make others want to stand by his side, even as killer robots bear down on him. No man has that kind of leadership skill without attracting a few beautiful women.

Jean Grey may be the love of his life, but the fact that Cyclops has been involved in more than one love triangle throughout his history says a lot about his sex appeal. The comics are often subtle with that appeal, even when Emma Frost is involved. However, this sexy side-project will not be that subtle, among other things.

Since joining the Hellfire Club in "The Red Queen Chronicles: The Phoenix," Cyclops has had his share of sexy action. While Spider-Man and the rest of the sexy supporting cast have had more, he has yet to utilize the new opportunities before him. That's exactly what he'll do here and more than one woman will benefit from that effort. If you're a Cyclops fan and just love seeing him be awesome, then this is the story for you.

I hope you enjoy it. As always, I strongly encourage everyone to take the time to post feedback. I do have other side-projects planned. I'll announce them in due time. For now, I hope this will build on the sexy foundation I've created.

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  1. Would like to put in a request for future part, with Piotr and Kitty in loving and stable relationship, where they are exploring their interest in bdsm with the Hellfire club and emma, who is trying to make it up to kitty, where Piotr/Colossus is the Dom and Kitty is submissive.