Friday, May 18, 2018

Next Sexy Side-Project: Enter Daken!

Every now and then, a character comes along who is just destined to find his or her way into one of my sexy side-projects. It may not happen immediately, but at some point, it's a given that it will happen. Of the many characters who have come along over the past couple decades, only a handful of characters fit that profile. At the top of that list is Daken Akihiro, also known as the son of Wolverine.

When he first showed up in the pages of Wolverine Origins, I didn't know what to make of him. I didn't even know if he would be a successful character. For all I knew, he was a Skrull agent, a failed clone, or Mystique in disguise. Failed comic book characters are notorious for disappearing inexplicably or being retconned into oblivion. Daken escaped that fate and it wasn't long before I realized that he would one day make it onto my sexy stories.

Like his father, Daken is a very sexual creature. In fact, he's probably a lot more sexual than his father and not just because he's confident enough to sport a mohawk without being in an 70s punk band. Where as Wolverine reserves his sexual energy for sexy redheads, African goddesses, and cute Asian women, Daken will fuck anyone or anything. The man is durable, reckless, egotistical, and not afraid to use his penis and his claws to win a battle.

It was never a matter of if I would incorporate Daken into a sexy side-project. It was only a matter of when. Well, that time is almost upon us. He's already an unapologetic sex fiend in the comics. That means he'll fit seamlessly into the world of the Red Queen. For someone with his capacity for deviance, though, a one-shot just isn't enough. That's why I'll be bringing him in with a multi-part story, one that's sure to raise the bar for sexiness in the Red Queen's world.

The story will be entitled "The Red Queen Chronicles: The Lost Son." I don't know yet how many chapters it will end up being, but the first one will come out three weeks from today. It will build on some of the plots I've crafted in previous stories, but I want this one to stand on its own, primarily to give Daken plenty of room to work his deviance. If you're a fan of Daken and his knack for being sexually flexible, you won't want to miss this. It all starts in three weeks. See you then!

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