Friday, May 11, 2018

X-men Supreme Issue 168: Open Heart Perjury is LIVE!

You don’t always need a prelude or a prequel to make a story great. The first X-men movie didn’t start from the beginning of the beginning. It hit the ground running, introducing Wolverine, Charles Xavier, Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Storm all at once. It was done well enough to kick-start the X-men as a movie franchise. I took a similar approach to the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. In that fateful first issue, X-men Supreme Issue 1: Generation X, I brought in a mature group of familiar X-men that helped lay the foundation for the future of this fanfiction series.

After 167 issues, I’ve done a lot to build atop that foundation. X-men Supreme has grown, evolved, and shifted considerably over the years, often through major arcs like Overlord, Outer Limits, The Phoenix Saga, and The Cambrian Explosion. I try to structure this fanfiction series around major turning points like that, putting the X-men in a position to make difficult choices and fight major battles that often come at a cost. I think the X-men pay a higher cost for their victories than most superhero teams. Even after seeing Avengers: Infinity War, I think their appeal and strength draws heavily from their willingness to pay that price.

During the events of Crimes Against Inhumanity, the X-men paid a higher price than usual. It certainly didn’t help that they’ve been a divided front, thanks to an ongoing schism between Charles Xavier and Cyclops. By not being united and fighting that battle together, the entire world incurred a heavy cost. Everyone is vulnerable now. The world’s defenses are damaged or destroyed. The X-men and X-Force are still divided. It’s the worst possible time for them to take on someone like Magneto.

It’s also the best time for someone like Magneto to make his move. He’s been missing since the events of Time Bomb, which capped off X-men Supreme Volume 4: Politics of Fear. However, he’s been hard at work behind the scenes as the X-men battled the Mutant Liberation Front and found themselves divided over the Mutant Monitoring Initiative. While his mental stability was in question, Magneto’s ambition has never changed. He remains as intent as ever to protect the future of the mutant race. He failed in his efforts with Uprising, Overlord, and The Cambrian Explosion. He has no intention of failing this time.

I’ve been working my way towards Magneto’s ultimate vision for quite some time now. The plot that’s about unfold has been in the works since the end of the Time Bomb arc. I’ve had an over-arching plan for Magneto, one that will once again demonstrate why he’s such an iconic villain and character for the X-men. This issue is very much a prequel, of sorts, to that story. It’s not in the same mold as X-men First Class, but it’s critical to the overall breadth of the story.

Magneto is already making his moves, as are those close to him. The remnants of the Brotherhood of Mutants, as well as the former citizens of Genosha, have been desperate since the passage of the Mutant Monitoring Initiative. Magneto’s return couldn’t have come at a better time, but he didn’t come alone. The full scope of his plan, as well as the hidden forces behind it, are about to be revealed in a way that will set the stage for the final arc of X-men Supreme Volume 7: United and Divided.

X-men Supreme Issue 168: Uncivil Disobedience

For those who have been following Magneto’s story and this fanfiction series, as a whole, this issue will set the stage for what I hope will be one of the most powerful moments to date for X-men Supreme. So many things have been building towards this moment. I’ve been working hard, setting it up so that it’s in a position for memorable, satisfying conclusion. Even after all the memorable moments I’ve crafted in this fanfiction series to date, I want to top them all with this one.

As always, these moments are only as powerful as my ability to craft them. That’s why I always urge readers to provide feedback on this and any other issue of the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. Either post your comments directly in the issue or contact me directly. I’m still trying to deal with the big spam issue in the comments section, but I can always be reached by the contact page. I’m always happy to chat X-men Supreme or X-men in general. Until next time, take care and best wishes. Xcelsior!


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