Friday, July 13, 2018

X-men Supreme Issue 171: High Evolution Part 3 is LIVE!

The X-men have a long list of iconic and memorable villains. I’ve utilized plenty in the X-men Supreme fanfiction series, including the lesser known ones like Mojo and Bastion. I even created one of my own in The Cambrian Explosion. However, for as long as the X-men are relevant, Magneto will always be the most compelling villain. He’s been a driving force of X-men Supreme since the earliest days of this fanfiction series. From their first encounter in X-men Supreme Issue 3: Competition to Magneto’s disappearance after the Time Bomb arc, his actions have guided the path of this fanfiction series.

That path is almost at its end. The High Evolution mark is set to be the kind of showdown that will determine whether the future of the X-men and the mutant race belongs to Magneto or Charles Xavier. I know that seems to happen with Magneto and the X-men every other week in the X-men comics. Believe me, I’m as aware of that as any X-men fan. That’s why I mean it when I say that this arc is an endgame of sorts for Magneto. What happens here will be definitive, more so than anything you’ll get in an X-men comic.

It’s the culmination of a story that has been folding since I began X-men Supreme back in 2010. From the moment Magneto founded the Brotherhood of Mutants, he has had a plan and a vision in mind. Like Charles Xavier, he sees the future of humans and mutants as a collision course, of sorts. There’s no avoiding it. There’s no getting around it. At some point, someone has to confront it. He knows what Xavier and the X-men want. He doesn’t believe that’s sufficient. That’s why he has teamed up with the High Evolutionary. Already, they’re putting themselves in a position to change the course of humans, mutants, and all life on Earth.

Together, he and the High Evolutionary have already done plenty to disrupt the current situation. They re-emerged at a time when the X-men are locked in a bitter divide between Charles Xavier and Cyclops. They’re also hitting at a time when nobody feels safe. Romulus decimated the world’s defenses in the Crimes Against Inhumanity arc. Neither President Kelly nor General Grimshaw feel like they have the answers anymore. They’re all reeling and Magneto is offering a way out.

However, as is often the case with Magneto, things are never as they seem. His vision almost always comes at a price, one much higher than anything Charles Xavier and his X-men are willing to pay. The nature of that price isn’t yet clear. So far, Magneto and the High Evolutionary have delivered on their promises, welcoming the entire mutant race and one million lucky humans into a new world they carved out of Asteroid M. From this world, they hope to start anew with a new race of mutants and mutated humans.

The only ones who is completely unconvinced of Magneto’s efforts are Charles Xavier and the Scarlet Witch. Knowing the stakes couldn’t be higher, the X-men and X-Force have put aside their differences and come together for this fateful mission. Given the extent of the divide and the mistakes they’ve made throughout X-men Supreme Volume 7: United and Divided, they couldn’t be more vulnerable. Now, as the full extent of Magneto’s vision emerges, they’ll have to make some difficult decisions that will come at a price. The extent of that price will become very clear in this issue.

X-men Supreme Issue 171: High Evolution Part 3

This is the point in the High Evolution arc where the conflict erupts and the stage is set for the final confrontation. It’s the X-men versus Magneto, Charles Xavier against his old friend. It’s a classic clash, one that has come to define the X-men over the years. I hope to capture that spirit in this fateful story within X-men Supreme. However, expect a few twists and turns along the way. The outcome is probably not one anyone is expecting, aside from those who have come to know this fanfiction series well.

I’m making the extra effort to ensure that the High Evolution arc is the biggest high point to date in X-men Supreme. It’s by far one of the most ambitious stories I’ve told in this fanfiction series to date. That’s why it’s more critical that I get extra feedback here. This issue is the start of a much bigger clash that’s set to conclude very soon. I need to know that I’m doing it right so please take the time to post comments in the issue or contact me directly. Either way is fine and I’m always happy to chat. Until next time, take care and best wishes. Xcelsior!


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