Friday, March 4, 2011

X-men Supreme Issue 28: Cajun Chaos Part 2 Preview

It's Friday once again and as many have come to expect, this is the day I give an update for the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. I have a preview for the next installment of X-men Supreme Volume 2: War Powers, but I also have a confession to make. This past week has been very hectic for me and I've fallen behind. Usually by this point I'm more than halfway done with the issue. This week I'm barely a quarter done. Don't be alarmed. I'm not losing my passion for the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. I'm not slowing down due to lack of feedback (although it does help) or interest. The real world is just kicking my ass and I haven't been able to keep up like I usually do with this fanfiction series.

That said, I have no desire to delay the next issue of the Cajun Chaos arc. It is still set for release on March 11th. So without further adieu, here's a quick preview of what I have completed thus far.

“Yeah! Hit him again!”

“That’s right! Beat ‘em into croc chum!”

Hentri, Etienne, and Theoren stepped up their assault. It was getting to a point where they were set to do some serious damage. Then through the cheering a powerful voice rang out.

“That’s enough!” said Jean-Luc as he pushed through the cheering crowd.

The hoard of thieves wisely fell silent. Etienne and Theoren also stopped upon seeing Jean-Luc walk up to them. The only one who hesitated was Henri, who maintained a firm grip on Remy’s neck.

“Let him go, son,” ordered Jean-Luc.

Henri’s expression tensed with anger, but he did not question his father’s orders. He understood the importance of this deal like the rest of them. As much as he wanted to make his brother suffer, the needs of the guild came first.

He let go of Remy’s neck, leaving him a bludgeoned mess on the deck of the boat. But before he backed off, Remy had one last message for him.

“You still hit like a femme,” he grunted through the pain.

“Damn traitor!” yelled Henri.

He motioned to grab Remy again, but Etienne and Theoren held him back. Jean-Luc gave them a stern look, letting them know they were not to let his angry son go. He could appreciate his feelings for Remy, but this deal between them and the Assassins was honor-bound. Personal vendettas had to take a back seat.

Hovering over the bruised and battered body, Jean-Luc gazed down at his adopted son with a mix of resentment and sorrow. Remy didn’t look him in the eye, but he could sense a similar demeanor. He knew as well as his father how grim these circumstances were.

“It’s been a while, Remy,” said Jean-Luc.

“Not long enough,” grunted Remy as he coughed up more blood.

“I wish it hadn’t come to this,” he said with as honest a tone a master thief could muster, “You were always special to me. You and your mother were my pride and joy.”

“Don’t…don’t you dare bring Remy’s mère into this! She be better than all of us!”

“Maybe so, but that don’t justify what you’ve done. You didn’t just betray your fellow thieves, Remy. You betrayed your family. And for what? A woman? Some newfound conscious you be hiding from us?”

“Remy…hides…nothing! Remy only did…what was right. It’s what Marianne would’ve done.”

“Is that what Belladonna would have done?” quipped Jean-Luc, “You know damn well she and the rest of the Assassins wouldn’t have blinked an eye if they succeeded where we failed.”

“It don’t matter,” groaned Remy, “What happened to Belladonna was a mistake. But what happened to the rest of the guilds…it had to be done. Remy has no regrets.”

Now I want to make sure the next update is on time. However, it looks like it will come down to the wire in terms of getting this new issue out on time. I plan on working extra hard to ensure that X-men Supreme is updated on time as readers have come to expect. If for any reason something prevents me from doing that, I'll make a special annoucement and plead for understanding. I'm very passionate about this fanfiction series and very thankful to those who read it. X-men Supreme is nearing 10000 hits on the hit counter. I want this fanfiction series to be the best it can be. So if I have to delay it in order to ensure that the new issue is sufficiently awesome, I will. I just hope it doesn't come to that.

So for now, expect X-men Supreme to be updated on schedule until you hear otherwise. If you have any questions or comments on this fanfiction series or anything X-men related, please feel free to contact me at any time. Once things settle, I'll look into updating the pics section and the bios section. For now, I just want to make sure that X-men Supreme doesn't miss a beat! Thank you all for your support and I hope to maintain X-men Supreme's consistent awesome for years to come. Excelsior!


PS: This is just another extra special thanks to rekkanoryo, who has continued to comment on more issues of this series than anyone else thus far! Thanks rekkanoryo! X-men Supreme is in your debt!

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