Friday, March 25, 2011

X-men Supreme Issue #29: Cajun Chaos Part 3 is LIVE!

The time has come! Another arc in the X-men Supreme fanfiction series is ready to conclude! Cajun Chaos has been an eventful little saga, introducing Remy Lebeau to the world of X-men Supreme and all the trouble he brings to the X-men. I hope all the Gambit fans out there are satisfied with how he's been portrayed. This fanfiction series walks a fine line, trying to re-tell the stories of these characters in a way that's familiar yet novel. Gambit has always had a somewhat murky backstory. I hope with the Cajun Chaos arc that even those who don't care for Gambit can still enjoy his portrayal in X-men Supreme. It all comes together with the third and final entry of this arc. It's live and ready for your viewing pleasure!

Issue 29: Cajun Chaos Part 3

I always love the feeling I get when a new character is added to the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. As usual I'll include a full bio for Remy Lebeau in the bios section once it's ready. I also hope to have some more pics to post soon. For any artists out there, please know that I'm always open to posting your art here on X-men Supreme. I want this site to have as many reasons for X-men fans to visit as possible. This fanfiction series is moving into a new phase. The introduction of Remy Lebeau is just a prelude. A slew of new characters are set to show up in the next few issues. Stay tuned for more details! Expect a few twists along with some profound developments!

As always, I strongly encourage everybody to review each issue. There haven't been too many reviews so far and I hope that changes. I don't mind if the reviews are anonymous, but if you post a name I will mention you on these updates. If you ever want to contact me and talk X-men or fanfiction, I will gladly respond. I want X-men Supreme to be accessible to everybody. The more feedback I get, the more awesome I can make this fanfiction series. Thanks to everybody for their support! I hope it continues. Until next time, take care and best wishes!


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