Friday, March 18, 2011

X-men Supreme Issue 29: Cajun Chaos Part 3 PREVIEW

The X-men Supreme fanfiction series is nearing the end of another arc! Cajun Chaos has done a lot so far. It introduced Remy Lebeau to the world of X-men Supreme and it deepened the mystery surrounding the events of the first arc, Family and Fiends. As I said from the beginning, events from Volume 1: Mutant Revolution would fuel the events of Volume 2: War Powers. These events will continue to build and the final issue of Cajun Chaos will carry this fanfiction series forward. Will Remy Lebeau make it through the conflict surrounding the guilds? Will Rogue get caught up in the crossfire? All will be answered in the next issue! As always I've prepared a preview of the next issue to offer a taste of what's to come!

“I got this!” said Henri, armed with a gun and knife.

“Back off, Henri!” spat Theoren, “You’ve done enough!”

“Shut it! He’s mine!” yelled Etienne as he lunged forth.

Nightcrawler easily teleported out of the way and appeared behind the angry Cajun. Before he could turn around and counter, he drop kicked him in the back so he crashed right into Theoren. Then Henri came at him. He managed to get a solid punch in, leaving a sharp stinger in the young mutant’s shoulder. But he pushed through it and did an acrobatic leap, flipping in mid air and kicking him right in the chin. This nearly knocked Henri out, but despite blood dripping from his mouth he showed no signs of stopping.

But Nightcrawler didn’t have time for this. They came here to get Rogue and Remy to safety. His main concern was Rogue, who was still struggling behind two other thieves. She once helped rescue him from Black Tom. It was only fitting he return the favor.

“Hold on, Rogue! I’ll be right zhere!” he called out to her.

“Ugh! Take your time, Kurt,” said Rogue as she struggled with her captors, “Those three need an extra beating for the attitude they’ve been given me!”

“Is zhat true? Have you been insulting my sister?” said Nightcrawler as he leered menacingly Henri.

“That’s your sister?!” scoffed Henri, wiping the blood from his face, “No wonder she be such a bitch!”

Kurt’s expression quickly shifted to a hard, determined scold.

“Now zhat vas just stupid.”

Henri lunged at Nightcrawler again, this time with more focus and intent. Theoren and Eitenne joined them, but Nightcrawler used his nimble agility to avoid them and counter their attacks. He made sure he added in a little extra punch this time. If they had given Rogue a hard time, he was going to make sure they didn’t dare try it again.

While Nightcrawler handled the thieves, Wolverine stepped up his attack on Julien. The young assassins proved tougher than the others. He kept shooting Wolverine in his legs and slashing him with his sword. It didn’t stop the feral mutant, but it did slow him down. Julien also started going for major veins, slashing his neck and wrist and trying to bleed him. Even with Wolverine’s healing, that would be difficult to recover from.

“I’ll cut every ounce of flesh off your body you fowl animal!” proclaimed Julien.

“That’s a lot of cuttin’ Frenchy! I don’t go down easy!” growled Wolverine.

“So you’re one of those extra durable mutants?” he scoffed, “No matter. It’ll only prolong your suffering!”

“Story of my life, bub.”

Grunting through the pain, Wolverine lunged with another attack. Julien tried to shoot him again to slow him down. Only one bullet hit, which wasn’t enough to slow him down, and with momentum and body weight on his side the former living weapon pinned the young man against a rail on the platform. He went for the final blow, slashing horizontally with his claws. Julien tried to block it with his sword, but Wolverine swung with such force he severed the blade from the base and cut a good chunk of Julien’s arm off in the process.

The young assassin howled in agony, clutching his arm and dropping his gun in the process. Blood quickly flowed from the wound and the throbbing pain maid it nearly impossible to fight back. He could only grasp his arm and try to stop the blood loss. But blood loss was the least of his worries as Wolverine now stood over him with his claws pointed right at his face.

“Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t fillet that pretty mug of yours like a T-bone steak!” he said menacingly.

This fanfiction series is taking many new turns and introducing a number of new characters. Gambit is the next, but I assure you he won't be the last! I'll continue to update the bios section as some of these characters are introduced. Keep in mind that while these characters have similar backgrounds to their comic counterparts, they will have a unique twist for X-men Supreme. Some characters will be a lot different than others. Some won't vary nearly as much. My goal is to maintain the core of the character so that X-men fans of every kind can enjoy them. This fanfiction series is on a big scale so it's important I get characters like Remy Lebeau right.

With this in mind, I once again urge all those who follow X-men Supreme to provide feedback at every turn. You can either post comments on the issues or you can contact me at any time. I'm always happy to hear from people. If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask me! The X-men Supreme fanfiction series is very important to me and I want to make it enjoyable to everybody who reads it. There is so much I want to do and it's importance I have feedback to ensure that everything I do with X-men Supreme is sufficiently awesome.


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