Friday, April 1, 2011

X-men Supreme Issue 30: The Unstoppable Juggernaut PREVIEW

It's April Fools Day and there's no joke about it. The X-men Supreme fanfiction series is still churning along! The Cajun Chaos arc is over. The X-men now have a new member in Gambit. I still plan on giving him an entry in the bios section, but I've fallen a bit behind on that little project. Most of my attention remains on keeping this fanfiction series going without any delays. The next issue won't be an arc, but it'll be every be every bit as hard-hitting in more ways than one! That's because X-men Supreme is about to get a visit from the Juggernaut! He's one of the X-men's greatest enemies in pretty much every major medium. X-men Supreme will be no exception. I could easily make his debut in X-men Supreme a multi-part arc, but I've decided to condense it as best I can into a single issue. Here's a brief preview of what you can expect.

His soldier instincts kicked in. With the fires still burning around him, he grabbed Stan and punched his way out through the side door. He ran as fast as he could to get away from the smoke and fire. He stayed low in case this was some kind of ambush. He didn’t hear any gunshots or see any shooters. All he saw were seven burning convoys with no signs of survivors.

“Stan! Stan, stay with me!” he said.

But when he laid him out he saw only a charred corpse. Stan’s body was literally blackened from the fires and there was so much shrapnel lodged in his body there was no way he could have survived.

“Damn it!” he cursed, pounding his fist on the ground.

He then turned towards the rest of the convoys and took out his pocket communicator.

“All units, check in! Is everybody okay?” he yelled out, “Is anybody okay?!”

He got no response. All he heard was static. He could see in the other convoys the unmoving bodies of the unit. They were all burning with the rest of the vehicle, confirming what John feared. There were no other survivors. He was the only one.

Before he could mourn the loss of his unit, he heard another hard thud in the main transport compartment. Turning back towards the convoy he had been driving, he rushed towards the back area. This is where a large, armored compartment had been specially tailored to house their cargo/prisoner. It was sealed, reinforced, and locked so heavily it would have taken a tank to bust out. Unfortunately, the force inside was way more powerful than a tank.

“Oh you’ve gotta be kidding me!” groaned John.

More thuds erupted from the compartment. He noticed there was a strange greenish gas leaking from the bottom. That gas had been the only think keeping Marko immobile and contained. If too much of it leaked out, there was nothing stopping him from getting his full strength back. That was something John couldn’t allow.

“No you don’t, Marko!” grunted the Native American mutant, “You’re not getting out on my watch!”

But it was too late. Before John even reached the convoy, a deafening bang ripped through the area. The doors in the back, which had dozens of the best locks money could buy keeping them closed, was literally blown open as if it were made of cardboard. The rest of the back end of the convoy was then peeled open by two powerful arms that dug into the metal as if it were tin foil. John could only watch with dread as a hulking figure emerged from the wreck.

“Lock me up in a cage? Ha! When are you dumb-asses gonna learn? You can never cage me!” proclaimed a booming voice.

Those ominous words were that of Cain Marko, a man whose build was every bit as big as his boasting. His strength was even bigger. He stood nearly nine feet tall, his body utterly exploding with muscle. He wore a dark black body suit that looked reminiscent of an old paramilitary uniform, but the most dominating feature of his attire was the large bowl-shaped helmet covering his head. It allowed only his eyes and mouth to be seen, but that was enough to intimidate anybody who saw him.

This was bad. John knew full well what Cain was capable of. There was a good reason why the military went to such lengths to contain him. Once he was free, he was all but unstoppable. Nobody was safe. Even with his own strength, John was overmatched.

“Somebody out there must like me!” grinned Marko as he looked around at the destroyed convoys, “All this destruction and I wasn’t even part of it! Guess I’ll have to find another way to amuse myself!

“Ever consider board games, Marko?” said John.

“Ooh, guess I can enjoy the leftovers!” grinned Marko as he turned towards John.

Before John could put together any kind of attack, Marko grabbed the toppled convoy from the rear and with strength even John found impressive used it to hammer him into the hard rocky ground. All John Proudstar could do was hang on and brace himself. His whole body was driven into the ground leaving an outline of his body along with the impact of the vehicle. The impact left him dazed and woozy. His invulnerable form would protect him from serious injuries. But it was obvious now. He had no chance against this guy on his own.

“Ugh…we need better convoys,” he groaned as he crawled out from under the convoy.

Upon seeing John saunter to his feet, Marko scoffed and started marching down the road. He didn’t know who put together this little trap that freed him. He honestly couldn’t care less. The only thing on his mind was getting back at the man who put him in that cage. Now that he was free, nothing was going to stop him from exacting his due vengeance.

“That was barely worth my time,” he said in a gruff tone, “No time to sweat the small fries! I got bigger targets in mind! That stupid uncle of mine is gonna pay for locking me up! You hear me, Charley?! You’re a dead man! You can’t stop it! Nothing can stop the Juggernaut!”

As with every other major character that has shown up in X-men Supreme, Juggernaut will have a unique twist in this fanfiction series. I've kept some classic elements, but I've made a few changes as well. I wish I could go into detail about these changes, but you'll have to wait until the new issue! I promise it'll have the kind of impact you would expect of any unstoppable force! Juggernaut isn't the only one who will show up in the next issue of X-men Supreme. Another famous X-men will make his debut as well. I won't say who, but his impact on the X-men Supreme fanfiction series has been hinted at before. You'll see what I mean when this exciting issue is released!

Lately, I've actually received some emails and comments from readers. It isn't much, but it's greatly appreciated! I'm always open to discussing X-men Supreme, fanfiction, or X-men in general. If anybody wants to get in touch with me, please contact me at any time. There are some big moments coming up for X-men Supreme. This upcoming issue will lead into a series of events that will fundementally reshape the world of X-men Supreme. It's a critical time for this fanfiction series! I urge you all to provide feedback along the way because there's plenty of story left to tell. Even on April Fools Day, that's no joke!


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