Friday, April 8, 2011

X-men Supreme Issue 30: The Unstoppable Juggernaut is LIVE!

The unstoppable has arrived in X-men Supreme! This fanfiction series has come a long way and introduced many new characters. Today, an X-men classic enters this world and NOT in a subtle way. That's right! The Juggernaut has arrived. There was no use being coy or mysterious this time. The X-men Supreme fanfiction series is built upon elements from every major X-men incarnation so the appearance of Juggernaut was inevitable. He's the latest in a slew of new characters that have joined the cast of X-men Supreme in Volume 2: War Powers. As this incarnation of X-men continues to expand, the list of characters will expand as well. He couldn't be stopped so I didn't try to! Therefore it is with great excitment that I welcome Juggernaut to the world of X-men Supreme!

Issue 30: The Unstoppable Juggernaut

As much as I'm sure Juggernaut will leave his mark on X-men Supreme, he's not the only one that makes his debut in this issue. Another lesser known character also shows up. Some may not recognize him, but he has left an indellible mark on the history of X-men. However, he hasn't had much opportunity to shine in the comics or any of the movies or cartoons. Here in X-men Supreme, I'm not just trying to put a new twist on these classic comic characters. I'm trying to present them in a way that sets it apart as it's own Marvel universe. When you see this character, you'll see what I mean! He'll be the beginning of an exciting new plot that will dig deeper into the history of X-men Supreme. Keep in mind this fanfiction series began at a time when the X-men were already established. What happened before that? How did they come to be? It did NOT happen as it did in the comics or movies. I'll be digging into that story very soon!

As always, I strongly urge everybody who reads this issue and other issues to give feedback. Please post your comments in the comments section or contact me if you want to discuss this or any other issue. I would love to know what my fellow X-men fans think of this and I am always looking to make this series more awesome. With this issue, I plan on making another update to the bios section for Juggernaut and I still plan to update the pics section. Thanks again to everybody who has provided such wonderful support! My hit counter is closing in on 10000 and I couldn't be more proud! Let's get there soon so we can set our sights higher! Excelsior!


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