Friday, March 9, 2012

X-men Supreme Issue 49: The Good, The Bad, The Sinister Part 3 PREVIEW

Whenever an arc is set to end, I can't help but get excited! The X-men Supreme fanfiction series has had many twists and turns along the way. Few have been more extreme than those involving Sinister. Whether it's in fanfiction or in the pages of Marvel comics, Sinister has a way of making his mark. This has certainly been the case with The Good, The Bad, The Sinister. He's done more than just abduct Wolverine and scheduled an impromtu family reunion with Jean Grey's wayward cousin, Madelyne Pryor. He's revealed more of the secret history within the world of X-men Supreme. He has ties to Weapon X and the Shi'ar Empire. Now he also has Vulcan on his side. With one issue left in the arc, how many more revelations can that bring? Well you'll all find out soon enough! For now, I've prepared a preview to show just what the X-men will be up against in the conclusion to this very important arc!

“Gabriel…my love,” said a dazed but enamored Madelyn Pryor.

Gabriel Summers, now calling himself Vulcan, smiled affectionately at the sight of the emotional woman. His body and eyes still glowing in a bright aura of energy, he stood proudly before her and Sinister. Never before had he felt so much power. He felt as though he could level this whole mountain. After two years in a coma, weakened and humiliated by his enemies, it was a welcome feeling.

“Madelyn…you look even more beautiful than I remembered,” he said to her, “You’re even wearing my favorite outfit.”

“Thought it would be a nice wakeup call after a two-year coma,” she purred, “I see you’re sporting some new attire as well.”

“Indeed,” said Vulcan as he clenched his fists, the energy aura around him growing even brighter, “I feel incredible! Almost god-like!”

“Then my experiment was a success,” grinned Sinister as he gazed proudly at the young man before him, “The healing agent in Wolverine’s blood successfully catalyzed the enhancements. Thanks to the genetics provided by Scott Summers and Jean Grey, your full potential has been unlocked!”

“You mean I have Madelyn’s cousin and Scott freaking Summers to thank for this?” he laughed as he gazed down at his hands, “Well isn’t that just perfect irony!”

From across the lab, a very battered Wolverine emerged from his injuries more enraged than before. Staring down his new foe, he faced a very daunting challenge. Sinister once again showed he was a sneaky devil. He completely caught him off guard by unleashing his latest experiment on him. And that name, Gabriel Summers, definitely caught his attention. Pretty much anything with the last name, Summers, always did.

But that was a concern for later. At the moment, his sole concern was cutting Sinister’s latest monstrosity down to size. Rising up to his feet, the feral mutant cracked his neck and let his healing factor get him ready again.

“So you’re Sinister’s favorite lab rat? Great! That’s one more Weapon X knock-off I get to rip apart!” taunted Wolverine as he drew his claws.

“That primate is still breathing?” said Vulcan in annoyance.

“Don’t be fooled. He’s more durable than he looks,” said Sinister.

“Fine by me,” said Gabriel, “Gives me a chance to test out my new powers.”

“I got your test right here, bub! Hrrrrrrahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Wolverine let out a feral roar as he charged through the lab back towards Vulcan. The powerful mutant grinned as the energy around him brightened and he started firing off more concentrated photo-concussive beams. They were bright, narrow, and intense. They packed a great deal of force, more so than anything Wolverine every saw Cyclops show in the Danger Room. Not wanting to endure another blow like earlier, he took evasive maneuvers. Using various parts of the lab as his cover, he maneuvered in closer so he could get into position to attack.

His agility was admirable. Vulcan found himself firing blast after blast, missing each time. When his beams didn’t hit, they kept going and blew through machinery, walls, and even the roof. It caused quite a bit of damage, none of which Sinister was too happy about. This was his lab and it took a lot of work to put these materials together.

“Will you please be more careful, Vulcan! My lab is not a shooting range!” he urged.

“Relax, Sinister. This creature won’t take long,” said Vulcan confidently as he kept firing and missing.

“At least spare my more sensitive systems! I need them to continue the next step!”

“It’ll be fine,” said Madelyn, still gazing at Vulcan with a dark yet powerful affection, “Gabriel is a man of his word too, you know? And besides, it’s not like Wolverine has the X-men to back him up.”

Sinister was still anxious as he watched Wolverine leap from a number of tables up to some rafters in the ceiling. Along the way Vulcan fired and missed, destroying a number of computers and chemistry arrays in the process. Sinister cringed as he heard the glass shatter and the computers short circuit. Gabriel better finish Wolverine soon or else his plans were going to be delayed yet again.

In the midst of this fight, Sinister’s communicator went off. It was from his Marauders, namely Arclight.

“Errr not now!” grunted Sinister as he opened the link, “What is it?!”

“Sorry for interrupting, sir! But we have company! The X-men have showed up!”

The end of this arc will also usher in some overdue updates for the X-men Supreme website. I already started a few today. I just updated the bios section for Cyclops and Jean Grey. Some of the information was outdated and in need of an update. After The Good, The Bad, The Sinister ends, I'll include a new entry for Sinister and Madelyne Pryor. I'll also add a pics section for Madelyne since her colorful character and demonic dress sense is so visually stunning.

Please remember that I'm also open to posting other images that others wish to submit. I'm also willing to respond to feedback or discuss ways to make the X-men Supreme website better. Recently, some very generous readers have contacted me with their input. I encourage others to do so. Please write me at any time and I'll be happy to chat! Until next time, take care and best wishes. Excelsior!


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