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X-men Supreme Issue 50: Proposals and Principles PREVIEW

The big 50th issue of the X-men Supreme fanfiction series is almost upon us! I'm working hard to make sure this new issue is worthy of such a milestone. After the events of The Good, The Bad, The Sinister I'm looking forward to developing this fanfiction series further. I've brought in some family drama with the introduction of Gabriel Summers and Madelyne Pryor. Well coming up next, I'll be introducing drama that isn't so familial so to speak! Before Sinister injected himself into the X-men's affairs, the political situation surrounding humans and mutants was taking a turn for the worse. Senator Robert Kelly is making a hard push to bring his anti-mutant agenda to the White House. Well in the course of opposing this agenda, the X-men met up with a mysterious woman named Lilandra Neramani who seems to have an interest in peace. She also appears to have a keen interest in Charles Xavier. That interest will take center stage in this latest issue along with a few other lingering dramas. I've prepared an extended preview here to offer a brief taste of what you can expect.

“You got two minutes! Go!” barked Logan.

The four X-men did as they were told, pushing through their fatigue and attacking their respective targets with a fury of well-aimed punches and kicks. The targets lit up as they struck them, adding to their score. Logan went along with it, only his bag was specially made to accommodate his metal bones and deadly claws. He growled angrily as he attacked each target, sounding as though he was getting dangerously close to another berserker rage. It was enough to worry the others, even as they tried to concentrate.

“He’s going to lose it on us!” grunted Kitty as she tried to focus.

“He better not! I’m not calling Xavier back from his date to put him under!” said Bobby.

“Just be ready to run!” grunted Remy as he struck several targets in sequence, “It may get uglier than a corcs ass at any second!”

Bobby, Kitty, Remy, and Kurt kept going until time expired. But even after they were done, Logan kept going. He snarled as he relentlessly pounded the bag, not even aiming for the targets. He wasn’t really training anymore. He was letting out some pent up rage that was fueled by echoes from the past.

In an uncontrolled outburst, Logan drew his claws and relentlessly thrashed the punching bag. With a mere several slashes of his claws, he reduced it to bits of leather and foam. He even trashed the high tech sensors, something Hank worked long and hard to create. Even after there was nothing left, he was still raging. All throughout this angry state, that name kept echoing in his mind.

‘James Howlett.’

He was just a half-step behind another berserker rage. But before he crossed that fragile line, he felt the eyes of his students on him. Bobby, Kitty, Remy, and Kurt were all looking at him nervously, taking a defensive posture in case he attacked them. It was then he realized how far he had gone and quickly pulled himself back.

‘Damn it! I did it again!’

Panting heavily, Logan took deep calming breaths as Jean and the Professor had taught him. The rage was still burning, but he shut it out. Once he collected himself, he withdrew his claws and turned to his teammates. They were still looking at him suspiciously, uncertain if he was going to lash out again.

“You done, homme?” asked Remy, standing defensively ahead of Kurt, Kitty, and Bobby.

Logan’s expression hardened, but he was in control now. This time it was going to stay that way.

“We’re done,” was all he said in response.

While the four X-men let out a sight of relief, Logan stormed off. He hated that he had this rage burning inside him over this one name. He hated even more that he was taking it out on his teammates, the only ones who really gave a damn about him in this world. They didn’t deserve to deal with this. They had enough problems with angry humans, corrupt politicians, and secret aliens. If he couldn’t get it together, then he didn’t belong here.

Watching Logan storm off, the rest of the team took a moment to catch their breath. Logan worked them pretty hard, but it wasn’t just for his amusement. He was dealing with a lot of issues to say the least. Sinister just made it worse.

“Wow, I actually thought he was going to make us do it again,” said Bobby.

“Good thing he didn’t. I don’t think I could have lasted another round,” said Kitty, leaning against the punching bag for support.

“He seems to be getting vorse,” said Kurt in a more concerned tone, “I zhink it’s time ve start vorrying.”

“You mean you ain’t started yet? That homme got more issues than a toothless croc,” scoffed Remy, who was rubbing a very sore shoulder.

“Zhese are issues of a very different kind, Remy,” said Kurt more seriously, “Sinister really left his mark on him. Vhatever he told him, it’s not just affecting him. It’s hurting him. And I don’t know if he can handle it.”

“He just needs some time to cool off. No pun intended,” said Bobby as he wiped the sweat from his face with a towel, “If it gets reakkt bad, someone like Jean or the Professor will help him.”

“If they have time,” said Kurt, “Jean’s been in and out of action vith migraines and zhe Professor has his own priorities vith zhat Lilandra woman.”

“And a beautiful femme always takes priority over a moody Wolverine, non?” commented Remy.

“It’s nothing to joke about! Logan is our friend! Or have you forgotten already, Remy?” said Kurt with a touch of scorn.

The Cajun mutant shifted. Kurt knew how to put him on the spot. He figured he liked to single him out because he was so close to Rogue. But he made a point. Logan was a teammate and Remy was not about to turn his back on a fellow X-man as he once did his fellow thieves.

“He needs zhe support of his friends,” Kurt went on, “Even if it means doing more of zhese drills.”

“If you’re going to go after him, you have our blessings, Kurt,” said Kitty, “But I’m not sure we should start reaching out to him just yet. Bobby’s right. It sounds like he needs to cool off.”

“Wow, you actually admit I’m right,” grinned Bobby, “You feeling okay, Kitty? Maybe you’re the one we should worry about.”

“Don’t let it go to your head,” she chided as she maintained a serious tone, “Seriously, this is Logan we’re talking about. We really don’t understand the first thing about what he’s going through.”

Kurt sighed to himself. Kitty was right. As much as they cared for their teammate, there was no getting around the truth. He was a tormented soul who didn’t even remember where much of that torment came from. No matter how much they worried, there was no working around the overwhelming burden of Logan’s past.

Also, I threw in another extensive update for the pics section. I updated the pics for Goblin Queen, Kitty Pryde, Mystique, Rogue, Storm, Jean Grey, the Scarlet Witch, Cyclops and Jean Grey, and Wolverine and Jean Grey. I know I've put off certain sections while I gather images. Please note that if ever you have any artwork you would like to submit to this website, please contact me and I'll be happy to post it and give you full credit.

As the X-men Supreme fanfiction series approaches the 50th issue, it's more important than ever that I get appropriate feedback for this and other issues that have led up to this point in the series. I've worked long and hard, carrying myself as if Marvel was looking over my shoulder every step of the way. I sincerely want to make this series as awesome as it can be! So please help me boost traffic for this site, which has been stagnant for months now. Please provide feedback so that I can make X-men Supreme the awesome fanfiction series it deserves to be. Until next time, take care and best wishes! Excelsior!


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