Friday, May 4, 2012

X-men Supreme Issue 53: District X Part 2 PREVIEW

It's a big day for Marvel comics fans all over the country! Today is the day that the Avengers movie finally comes out. I'm very excited as I'm sure every Marvel fan is, but my excitement over the Avengers has not made me negate my work with the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. I still work hard to ensure that X-men Supreme continues to move forward. As it just so happens, the X-men are in the midst of a major three-part arc in this fanfiction series. District X is an arc that brings to light the more social aspects of the human/mutant conflict the X-men confront. It's not all just fighting Magneto and giant robots. The X-men have always been a metaphor for civil rights and this arc strikes at the heart of that conflict. The next part will pit mutant against human, brother against brother, and so much more! As such, I've prepared a brief preview.


This was the mantra of the massive mutant riot that was consuming the city just outside the south end of District X. Dozens of mutant chanted these words as they lashed out against the world around them. Spurred by the attack on Pixie and led by Havok, they banded together and used their mutant powers to send a message.

Mutants of many different powers and appearances used their abilities to unleash destruction and strike fear upon petrified civilians. One mutant with electrical powers sent a surge into the light posts lining the city, shorting them out in a dazzling display. Another with big, muscular arms lifted a large pickup truck over his head and threw it into a nearby store. One female mutant with reptilian features punched into a nearby car and tore into the interior while a fellow mutant next to her used bluish flames from his fingertips to ignite the vehicle. When it exploded, it send a cheer throughout the streets and embolden the crowd.

“That’s right! Show them these are our streets too!” yelled Havok, “Show them they can’t hurt one of our own and not pay a price!”

The destruction spread and standing right in the path of the oncoming rioters were Wolverine and Storm. It was not a pleasant sight and one that wouldn’t go over well during an election year. But the greater social ramifications were lost on Wolverine as he drew his claws and stared down the leader of the riot.

“I don’t know who this punk thinks he is, but I’m pretty sure I hate his guts!” he growled.

“This is terrible! What is going on here?”

“Does it matter? We got us a hell of a fight on our hands! Couple hundred mutants against us…I like those odds!”

“I know this is a foolish question to ask, but shouldn’t we call the rest of the X-men before we act so brazenly?” said Storm.

Before they could even contemplate such a notion, the same hulking figure from earlier threw another heavy car. This time it was flung far ahead of the riot and into a populated building. It crashed between the second and third floor of a busy storefront, causing great destruction and sparking a fire. In addition, several terrified people were caught in the chaos and cried out for help.

“Somebody help us! Please!” begged a woman as she protectively hovered over two young children.

Upon seeing this, their predicament was clear. There was no time to understand this situation. They had to act.

“Better get that, darlin’! We don’t need to start a body count just yet!” said Wolverine.

“Agreed!” said the African woman, “But what will you do?”

“You gonna ask another foolish question or are you gonna fight?” he grunted as he ran towards the heart of the riot.

Storm grunted in frustration, but she had no time to debate his brash actions. Her eyes flashed white and she took to the air. She quickly formed some storm clouds overhead to put out the fires with rain. Then she kicked up a wind storm to get the women and children out. They cowered at first in her presence, but were grateful when they were flown to safety. As she set them down, more heavy debris flew out from the riot. It headed towards more civilians, but Storm was able to redirect it with her winds. The people were trying to get away, but they just weren’t fast enough.

While she was taking care of the civilians, Wolverine set his sights on Havok. He was running full speed, passing civilians along the way and dodging rocks and other debris. He figured if he was going to stop this mess, he had to hit at the source.

“That’s far enough, bub! Hrrraahhhh!” he roared.

Havok was caught by minor surprise when he saw the feral figure attack through the dust and smoke. He tried to react and counter the move, but Wolverine was too fast. He was quickly pinned to the pavement, his bullhorn shattering in the process.

“Augh! Who the hell do you think you are?!” exclaimed Havok.

“I’m a doctor! I give a special kind of therapy to punks like you!” snarled Wolverine, pointing his claws at Havok’s neck.

“You think you can stop this? The people of District X will never be stopped! Not until we make our stand!”

“I got your stand right here!” said the feral mutant, pushing his claws right up to his jugular, “Now are you gonna call this off or is this gonna have to get messy?”

“It already has!”

While many comic book fans are obsessing over the Avengers movie, I will still do my part to keep X-men prominent here on X-men Supreme. I've had a few requests at times to get other Marvel characters involved in the world of X-men Supreme. Believe me, I wish I could. In an ideal world, I would make Marvel Universe 1015 as expansive as 616. Unfortunately, I do not have enough time or energy, nor do I have sufficient incentive. I spend a great deal of time making sure the X-men Supreme fanfiction series is of sufficient quality. So for the time being, I simply cannot include other characters like Spider-Man, the Avengers, and the Fantastic Four. But if someone out there is willing to give it a try and respect what I've established here in X-men Supreme, please contact me and I'll be happy to talk! In the meantime, X-men Supreme will continue to update regularly and I hope to have a bio ready for Havok after the conclusion of the District X arc. Until next time, take care and best wishes everybody! Excelsior!


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