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X-men Supreme Issue 54: District X Part 3 PREVIEW

Whenever I'm close to the end of an important arc in the X-men Supreme fanfiction series, I tend to have all sorts of mixed feelings. The end of every arc is an accomplishment, but at the same time it's also a staging ground for the next big shift in the X-men Supreme mythos. Part of good storytelling involves setting up the stories of the future with the events of the present. The journey the X-men are currently undertaking is long and tedious. It promises to have many twists and turns along the way. The events of District X promise to reverberate in a profound way moving forward. The X-men Supreme fanfiction series is in the midst of various plots, but they are all linked together within a single web. It may seem messy now, but I promise you it's building towards something big! That big moment cannot happen until the District X story is resolved. It is just about complete and as such I've prepared a brief preview here that should offer a hint of what you can expect with this latest installment of X-men Supreme.

“You did good, son. I knew I could count on you to make the right decision,” he told his son.

“Wasn’t too hard,” shrugged Warren, “Creed dug his own grave. I just made sure he fell into it face first.”

“You did more than that. You were smart, cunning, and focused. Yet you never lost sight of your laurels, something I know I lose track of one time too many. You did everything a good business man should do. On top of that, you helped your kind and your family company all at once.”

“Thanks, Dad. But I’m not sure how much this is going to help the company. We did sink quite a bit of resources into Creed’s prototype. I doubt we’ll recover it all in a single lawsuit.”

“Look at it another way,” his father argued, “He developed that technology under the Worthington name. As such, we own the rights. So we can not only sue and cripple the Friends of Humanity. We can make money off the fruits of their labor.”

“In other words we’ll be screwing them over in more ways than one?” laughed Warren, “I doubt the hippies will approve and I’m sure the lawyers will be all for it. But if it hurts the pro-Graydon Creed camp I’m all for it!”

The younger Worthington raised his glass in a toast and finished his champagne. He couldn’t stop smiling as he continued watching the news. But as they savored their victory, the older Worthington’s expression became serious again. He kept watching his son as he laughed and drank. As much as he wanted to celebrate with him, there were other important matters to discuss.

“As glad as I am to see you so upbeat, there are a few serious matters I was hoping to discuss with you, father to son.”

“Can it wait, dad?” groaned Warren, “They’re about to show the clip of Creed getting cuffed again!”

“I’m afraid it can’t,” said the older Worthington as he hit the pause button on his TV much to his son’s dismay.

“Oh come on! They were just getting to the part where his eyes looked like they were about to explode!” Warren complained.

“You can watch it later. We really should talk about what you’ve done here. This is a big deal for us and I’m not just talking about the company or Graydon Creed.”

“Oh…I see,” said the winged mutant, picking up on his father’s undertone, “Were you hoping to make a father/son moment out of this or something? As happy as I am, you can’t expect this to overshadow all the times you’ve messed up.”

“I’m not saying it should. I understand I still have a long ways to go in that respect. But I was hoping this could be the beginning of something new. Not just for us, but for our family as a whole.”

“What are you getting at, dad?”

Warren Jr. rose up and sighed. It was never easy talking to his son about these issues, even when they were both in a good mood. But he may not get another chance like this.

“Son, this whole endeavor to bring you into the company so you could watch over the Friends of Humanity wasn’t just about making amends. There’s another more pragmatic side to it,” the older man said.

“Why am I not surprised?” said Warren dryly, “Is it possible for you to not have ulterior motives for once in your life?”

“I’m sorry, but it goes back to that na├»ve notion I’ve been holding onto all these years. Even when we were at our most distant, I still have a sincere hope that you will one day take over this company and lead it as my father did before me.”

“You think after just one success like this I want to throw everything away with the X-men and follow in the family business?”

“I’m not asking you to throw anything away, Warren. I don’t want a repeat of what happened with Candy. I’m just leaving it on the table for you. Is it so much to ask that I be able to entertain such hopes?”

Warren looked at his father cynically. He set aside his wine glass and got up as well. He found himself looking away, having seen that desperate gaze in him before. It was usually easy to brush off. After he drove Candy away from him, he swore he would never follow the path laid out for him by his father. But with these recent events, he wasn’t so sure.

“I’m willing to take small steps here,” said the older Worthington, “For now, you can go back to the Xavier Institute and rejoin the X-men. But whenever you’re ready to take the next step, however small it may be, Worthington Industries will be ready for you. I have a number of positions you can take on at a moment’s notice.”

“Not that I’m considering it, but what kind of positions?” asked Warren curiously.

“Important kinds,” his father answered, “All have ties to our mutant research division. I know we have a shaky history in that arena, but we can’t afford to ignore it.”

“That’s going against karma in a big way,” said Warren.

“I know. But consider these recent events. If Graydon Creed didn’t use us to develop his prototype, he would have found someone else. And you never would have been in a position to stop them.”

The winged mutant was silent for a moment. He looked back at the paused image on the TV, which depicted Graydon Creed getting forced into a police car. It was humbling in a ways. Without his family company, this satisfying outcome wouldn’t have been possible.

“The same logic applies to every organization doing mutant research,” his father went on, “If we don’t do it, someone else will. For that very reason, it’s important we stay involved. You’re in a unique position, Warren. You’re the heir to the Worthington fortune. You have the resources to effect great change, almost as much as Charles Xavier. You can be part of this process. One way or another, science and business will find their way into the mutant issue. If you’re part of it, you can see to it that future advancements are for the good of everybody. If not...I suppose that’s a risk you must be willing to take.”

Also, I've been working hard to get my pics section for the Goblin Queen up to date. I know it seems like she's been getting most of the attention lately and there's a reason for that. I had a large number of pics stored before she was introduced into X-men Supreme and it's been tedious getting them all uploaded. Thankfully, I'm almost complete! Soon, the Goblin Queen's section will be up to date and I can dedicate more time to finding pics for other sexy X-women!

The end of the District X arc will lead to some major shifts that will open new conflicts while revisiting old ones. It will also allow me to do some work on the bios. I know I said I've been working on that for a while and I mean it. The first bio I want to post after District X is Alex Summers. I thought about posting it beforehand, but I didn't want to risk any spoilers. I generally try to introduce new characters after their first big arc. Once he's up, I'll see if I can develop other bios from the mutants of District X. The X-men Supreme fanfiction series is a big world and it's only going to get bigger. As always, I strongly encourage everyone to provide feedback by contacting me or posting it on each issue of the series. There's so much more to come so the more feedback you can provide the better! Until next time, take care and best wishes. Excelsior!


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