Friday, June 8, 2012

X-men Supreme Issue 55: Media Matters is LIVE!

The politics of the X-men Supreme fanfiction series are heating up just in time for the Presidential Election in real life. Politics may not be the most interesting subject in the world, but throw the X-men and mutant powers into the mix and you've got something thrilling. It has already manifested in a number of ways with X-men Supreme Volume 3: Ashes of Hope. Senator Robert Kelly has made plenty of waves with his campaign, looking unstoppable at times in a way that may threaten the whole human/mutant conflict. That momentum has long since hit a major bump. The events of District X have inundated Senator Kelly's campaign with a wave of bad press while bolstering Professor Xavier and the X-men's public image. Now as the election heats up, the X-men must further their struggle in another way. That's what the latest issue will address and even for you non-political types, I hope you find it entertaining.

Issue 55: Media Matters

The X-men Supreme fanfiction series has created a complex Marvel universe over the course of its development. I've tried my best to keep it from getting too convoluted. It has given me more of an appreciation for what the real writers at Marvel must deal with in telling their stories. I like to think I've done a good job of developing it, but I want to know what you wonderful readers think. So please take some time to post a review on the new issue or send me your comments directly. I'm always happy to answer any questions about X-men, Marvel comics, or fanfiction. The more feedback I get, the better I'll be able to make the X-men Supreme fanfiction series as awesome as it deserves to be! Enjoy the issue and until next time, take care and best wishes. Excelsior!


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